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Skin Care Routine and Past Confessions!

Hi :)

So -- I've had LOTS of comments on my skin lately, so I figured that I would write up a post to share my experiences and skin care routine.
Let's go back in time kids, for a magic carpet ride through Sher's life long journey to attain perfect spiritual skin one-ness...let me start by saying I am the former queen of "oh that will fix my face?  YES mooI'LL BUY THAT.  OH THEY'RE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE?  OK I'LL TAKE PLZ."  However - due to recent life changes, there are many products that I no longer have access to - and it has proven to be a blessing in disguise.  I would have slathered hydrochloric acid with poop on my face if it said on the label that it would have given me a snow white complexion.  Ok thats gross, but really, I had serious problems...just see for yourself...
Circa 2011...times were bad...desperate even...WHAT THE HELL!?!
LOOK AWAY!!!  LOOK AWAAAAY!!!!!  There's a time in my life where I would rather die than share a picture like this, but as of now, frankly my dears I don't give a damn.  It's for posterity!!!

I can't begin to tell any of you reading this what a NIGHTMARE this was, and it was much worse than this at times, which is why I began to become so OBSESSED with makeup.  Besides being absolutely embarrassing, these volcanic eruptions were uncomfortable, even painful...not to mention completely GROSS.  For years I tormented my skin...proactiv, clearasil, neutrogena, other mail order crap...blah blah blah.  I actually remember the day that my Proactiv kit was coming - and they were going to make me sign for the package.  I work durimg the day,  so that being said, I could not be there to sign for the package, so I left the Fedex man a note, telling him that people in my daily life were mistaking me for Quasimodo, and telling me to get back in my clocktower before dark - and that I needed this Proactiv...I'm not even kidding, the package was there when I got home from work...LOL.  The guy was probably like "Jesus christ...." I can only imagine what he did with the note LOL probably took it to the Fedex headquarters and they all cracked the hell up haha.  Let me tell you, that Proactiv did nothing for me but ruin some of my damn towels.  Then I probably tried something else.  All that crap did nothing but make my skin like the sahara desert.  Then I would slather on some lotion, which was full of chemical crap, which burned sometimes and broke me out even worse.  One time I even went to a dermatologist who told me that there are plenty of factors - from dairy, hormones, food allergies, heredity, stress, etc...I even tried their stupid prescription stuff, which worked like crap so I never went back.

Moral of that story, is I was literally ruining my skin from the inside out, and from the outside in.  

Sorry for the rant...sensitive subject is my skin nowadays

In this photo, I am happy to say that I am wearing eye and brow makeup, lipstick, and a little korres illuminating powder.  

No more volcanic pimple eruptions or annoying bad tight dry patches, and my routine is literally easier than ever!

1. Organic Coconut Oil
     --Has to be organic and cold pressed.  You're not getting any of it's awesome benefits if you use any other type.  I order mine as a huge 15oz tub from Amazon for 9 dollars, and I haven't even made it through one.  Check out all of its awesome properties and uses here:
2. Dark Angels Skin Scrub (by Lush)
     --Details at,en_US,pd.html) (Note: There are a ton of recipes for sugar scrubs, feel free to google one that suits your needs if you're not interested in Dark Angels)

In the morning, 
I use Dark Angels Skin Scrub (details at,en_US,pd.html) first.  It is a gentle, but hard working facial scrub.  Also very calming on the skin, and non-drying.  Plus, you just need a tiny bit to do the job, so this stuff lasts awhile.  I only use this in the morning - my skin doesn't do so well if I exfoliate more than once a day, but I'm a scrub junkie!

After I rinse the scrub off, I take a generous finger full of Coconut Oil, warm it between my palms and rub it ALL OVER my face, and massage it in for awhile - it feels so nice and smells awesome.  When I'm done, I rinse it off, and towel dry my face.  All clean and ready for the day!

At night:
I take a generous finger full of Coconut Oil, warm it between my palms and rub it ALL OVER my face, to remove the makeup.  It takes off EVERYTHING, and smells great doing it.  Then I towel off, and sometimes use another oil, like Maracuja or Argan as a night treatment.

It's literally as easy as that.

I'm sure I know what some of you are thinking -- "Oil?!  I can't use that, my skin is oily enough!" or something like that...let me tell you - I used to have the biggest oil slick on my face, and there was a VERY LONG period in my life that I used all oil-free products, etc...and it did me no favors.  The reason our skin is freaking out is because it's so dry that it produces TOO MUCH oil to make up for what we're stripping away.  If you feed your skin right, it will treat you right :)

If you don't want to go the Coconut Oil route, I also use, and can vouch for 
Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil
I am really obsessed with this, but usually only use it at night.  When I use this at night, I cleanse with this, and then use the Coconut Oil after.  I love the way it smells and when I use it I really feel like I'm pampering myself.  Josie Maran is amazing, all of her products are natural and cruelty free, LOVE them and love her.

Anyways, there you have it kids.  Yes of course I get the occasional pimple here and there - but  hey, that's life.  When life gives you pimples, cover it up the best you can and hide it from everyone until that bastard goes away!!!!!  
Check it out you guys, Sher "put a ring on it"
I totally hate that I just wrote that...what a NERD!

Stay Foxxxy, darlins xoxo

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