Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick ~ Hard Candy Just Face It Foundation ~ MAC Blot Powder ~ Palladio Rice Powder

I have a lot to say today, so I'll just get started!  Happy Tuesday everybody!

Today's Lipstick of the Day is:
Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Iconic

I'll start by saying, I'm going to keep it short on this one.  I really WANTED to like this, because Revlon has very high claims stating the lipstick provides "instant moisture and all day color with a soft suede finish" and that you can "Apply Once and Go"

First of all, I hate the color I picked.  This has been sitting around for awhile because I liked it in the tube, but after that I really felt like it did nothing for me.  So back in the pile it went.  I pulled it out today, because I figured maybe I could sway someone's opinion (either way, doesn't matter to me) who is on the fence about it.
Iconic is sort of a soft, neutral dusty rose color, with a bit of a shimmer.  When you put this lipstick on it needs time to set, probably about 5 minutes or so, depending on how much you pack on.  After it sets, the "Suede" finish is sort of a matte-sticky mess.  The color does stay on forever, but wears off unevenly, so unfortunately, it doesn't look very pretty as the day goes on :( and the kicker?  It also sucked all the moisture right out of my lips!  I was so annoyed, because like I said, I really wanted to like this!  These lipsticks are usually about 9 dollars, but thankfully I got mine for free as a reward from CVS.  Here are some swatches:

Moving right along...let's talk about Foundation!

Hard Candy Just Face It One Step Foundation!

I tried this a few months ago, and was not wow'd by it at all.  I used it for 2 days and put it back in the pile.  Well, I revisited this today because I needed something new to talk about.  Well, today, I LOVE IT.  I think it has something to do with my skin being in MUCH better condition from the Olay ProX face brush (see previous post from a few days ago)

This Foundation claims for "Flawless skin in a flash, primer~concealer~foundation and powder finish all in one, which will leave your skin shine free and natural looking"

Those are some pretty high stakes if you ask me...

Well, I tried it again today, and I don't think it performs as well as Kat Von D's Tattoo Foundation, but it is literally just a few steps under.  You can BUILD this foundation to a higher coverage, but you have to work quick because it dries quite fast.  Best to apply this with a beauty blender sponge!  I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting to try a new foundation - you can get this from Wal-Mart for $7!!  What a steal.  I've been wearing this for about 7 hours now, and it is showing no signs of wear.  I did not use a primer, but I did set it with a powder (because I NEED TO, otherwise my OCD runs rampant!)  and it still looks as perfect as when I had it on this morning!  I have the "Fair" shade.

Here are some swatches!
with flash - the line of foundation is a divider, the bottom part is blended foundation, the top part has no foundation
no flash
Completely blended
On to the next topic...Oil Absorbing Powders!

I have combination skin...dry on the cheeks, oily on the T-Zone, and I'm forever combating the inevitable mid-day oil-slick with whatever touch-up powders I have in my arsenal.  Over the summer I discovered two really great oil-absorbing powders that only require my makeup to be touched up once a day (and sometimes not at all!)

Here are my favorite oil-absorbing powders for your viewing pleasure!  First Up:
MAC Blot Pressed Powder in Medium

Yes, Medium.  I thought it was weird too.  The colors offered by MAC for these powders inparticular are off.  This powder comes in MAC's standard gun-metal colored (plastic) compact, is held very securely, and does come with a puff for application.  I do sometimes use the puff for application when I only need a tiny bit of powder, but I do prefer to use a brush.  Use caution with this powder, you really just need a little bit!  Trust me please, this, coming from the Queen of "just pack it on, more is always better!"  This is fairly powerful oil absorbing powder, MAC says it contains mica and silica to absorb oil, but I think it contains magic :) 

Here are some swatches!

Love this stuff, it's awesome.  Unfortunately, it's also $24.00 a pop...that being said, I have another option for a great oil absorbing powder, which is more budget-friendly!

Palladio Rice Powder!

As described by Ulta "This original ancient Chinese loose powder is perfect for absorbing excess oils, highlighting your features, and setting your makeup."

Ancient Chinese loose powder...LOL!  I really did laugh out loud when I read that lol...ancient powder, makes it sound so appealing.  It's ancient, just dust it all over, you'll look great haha.

But no, really, this powder really is a great oil-absorber, and would be, and is, widely loved by a lot of people.  I just can't commit to a powder, so I don't use this often.  It does have a scent to it also, I'd say sort of like baby powder or something?  It is a little strong, but I've read reviews, and the majority of people think that the scent is pleasant.  This stuff is a monster when it comes to sucking up oil too, it's crazy!  I have this in Transluscent, but it does come in other colors as well.  It costs only $4.99 at Ulta, and definitely gets the job done!  I even use this in my hair sometimes when my scalp gets too oily - takes care of the oil situation, and makes it smell good :) love it.

The only thing that sucks about this powder is the shitty packaging!  Totally not travel friendly at all, it's in a little box with a puff inside, and there is no latch to the box, so this one has to stay on the vanity, girls, but totally works great and it's cheap!

On another note, I'm now officially obsessed with vintage compacts, and other vintage vanity cosmetic items...they are all over ebay and etsy, and for crazy low prices...I see a total collection happening, OMG...love it, can't wait!!!  

Almost as much as I love...a photoshoot with my precious Billy Corgan...

Thanks for reading and stay foxxxy!!!  xoxo


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