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MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Elegant Accent ~ Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder Foundation

Today's Lipstick of the Day picture features two products that I picked up on a whim on Friday, and now, I can't imagine living without.  Sometimes, things just work out that way.

Let's start with Lipstick of the Day:

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Elegant Accent

MAC describes this color as a mid toned warm rose cream.  I would agree with this, but it does have just a HINT of coral, as well.  It's a beautiful color for spring, and feels great on.  

I was really surprised at how moisturizing this lipstick was.  I tried it on in the store, I liked it, but wasn't super crazy about it at first.  I left the store, and my friend kept telling me how great it looked!  I looked in the mirror a few times (OK maybe more than a few lol!) and came to the realization that it was time to go back to MAC because I couldn't really leave without this!  This color seems to brighten up my whole face, without being obnoxiously bright.  It's not too neutral either, it's literally just right.  Perfect to apply straight from the tube, too, very moisturizing, no pulling or tugging on application.
Elegant Accent on the right!  image source:
MAC just released this line of lipsticks a week or so ago, and they seem to be going over quite well.  The color range of the line is fairly decent, I believe there are about 12 shades to choose from.  The formula features 77 nourishing minerals.  The packaging of these lipsticks is very stylish as well, the cap is a matte black sort of domed piece, has a magnetic closure, and tapers down to where it connects to the actual tube.  A weird shape, but I dig it!  Here are some swatches for ya!
These babies have about 50% more lipstick in them than MAC's regular lipsticks, so they cost more, at $22 a tube.  I say it's totally worth it, the tube itself is huge and should last a very long time!  If there's a color you want to try, don't hesitate, MAC always has free shipping :)  Treat yourself and be beautiful, it's spring time!

Now then...on to the real star of this post...

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation!

Make Up For Ever's Creator & Artistic Director Danny Sanz worked on this powder foundation formula for SIX YEARS.  The reason was due to numerous requests from makeup artists in the industry wanting a versatile foundation base that would quickly create a flawless look.  Danny tested more than 70 formulas of this, before this was released as the final product...IMPRESSIVE, and I was intrigued, to say the least.

Before I go on my schpiel and review about this, let's start with how Make Up For Ever describes this product:

"With its transforming texture, PRO FINISH is the 1st multi-use powder foundation that allows you to fully customize your finish and coverage level.  Formulated with exclusive bio-mimetic coated pigments, its breakthrough formula can be used wet or dry.   Apply it wet for a sheer semi-matte perfection or dry for a full coverage, matte result.   Created with talc lightweight formula, its texture is long lasting, has buildable coverage with no chalky effect and easily blends for a perfect professional result in just minutes.  Enriched with hydrating ingredients, PRO FINISH corrects and evens the complexion without drying our the skin.  Choose from its wide range of shades to find your perfect match."

I have an undying love for powder foundations.  They're quick and easy, and when done right, usually look fantastic.  This one...knocks every single one that I own right out of the park.  I am EXTREMELY impressed.  
THAT IS CRAZY PIGMENTED!!!!!  I love this stuff
Not only does this shade (117) match my skin perfectly, but it looks absolutely flawless, EVEN IN PHOTOS.  Sometimes in photos, makeup has a tendency to look...makeupey lol.  Not this one, it looks absolutely perfect.  SHIT I think I just found something that may replace hundreds of dollars worth of liquid and powder foundations...
Flawless complexion from a POWDER foundation!? WhaAAAaaaaaaAtTTtT?!?!?!
To get a flawless application, first I applied Tarte Maracuja Oil to my skin, making sure it had plenty of time to soak up.  Any moisturizer of your choice would work just as well.  Once the  moisturizer was absorbed, I used the sponge (included in the bottom of the compact) to apply the powder.  Once an even coat of powder was applied, I then used a buffing brush to put one more light coat of powder on top. 

And here's the secret to the application of ANY powder foundation...once you're done applying, yes, it looks powdery...take your brush of choice, mist it with some water or setting spray, and lightly go over your face with the brush.  This sets the powder, and ensures that you don't look powdery :)

I haven't tried the wet application, so I can't attest to that.  I'm not into sheer's full or bust, for me!

This powder foundation is $36 and is available at Sephora!  With 24 shades to choose from, I'm sure there's one that's right for you too! :)

Soooo...I've been DROOLING over this beautiful, luxurious compact for awhile...
HAVE MERCY that thing brings me to my will be mine...oh will be mine...not even going into the details, keeping them all in my head.

There's only one other thing that brings me to my knees...
image source:
My precious, beautiful, perfect Billy Corgan :)

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend, thanks so much for reading, and stay foxxxy! :)



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