Friday, March 1, 2013

Lady Gaga Lipstick by MAC ~ Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream ~ Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss in Dolly

I'm baaaaack!  Without further's Lipstick of the Day is...
MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Gaga 2

This is Lady Gaga's collaboration with MAC's Viva Glam line, which is the portion of their company that donates all of the proceeds to HIV/AIDS.  From my observations, they usually have celebrities do their Viva Glam line, and I think it started with Ru Paul?

Anyways, this lipstick is the perfect lipstick for a really smoky eye.  In the picture above, I definitely could have blacked out my eyes, and it would have made the lipstick look even better. 
The above pic was one of the promo pics for the line, which I remember seeing when it came out, but didn't hop on the wagon at the time.  The formula of this lipstick is an amplified creme, so that means opaque, moisturizing coverage in a couple swipes.  I actually really like this lipstick a lot - I was afraid at first of getting the dreaded "concealer lip" which to me is, skin colored FLAKY gross lips.  There is not a flake to be seen with this lipstick, just pure style.  It's AWESOME.

Here's a couple more swatches :)

With flash
Natural Light
A more forward picture of yours truly, rockin the gaga 2
skin swatch!
Now, here's the fun part...if you like this...where do you buy it?  The answer..."It Cosmetics" in the Grove City Premium Outlets...and it's like $9.00.  It retailed for $15.00 when it was on sale, but these have long sold out, and they are running for about $40 on ebay!  If you like it, your best bet is finding a higher end cosmetics discount store, and inquiring if they have one...otherwise, you're at the mercy of ebay...!

Skin79 Gold Label Super+ BB Cream

One of my favorite things to talk about...BB CREAM!  I love BB Cream and I could talk all about it for a long time.  Let me start by telling you, American BB creams are shit.  Well, depending on what you want, rather.  BB Cream stands for "Blemish Balm" or "Beauty Balm."  They originated in Asia, and as I'm sure all of you know have made their way over to the US.  Ideally, BB Creams provide medium to full coverage, and offer several other skin benefits on top of the coverage, such as whitening, sun protection and wrinkle improvement (over time)

Skin79 describes this BB cream as:

BB CREAM THAT PRESENTS LUXURIOUS SKIN. Ingredients with an abundance of nutrition keep skin resilient and moist and its whitening and wrinkle fighting properties helps maintain clear and resilient skin, while giving the skin a natural and bright look. 

I love this BB cream for many reasons.  First, it has really great coverage with a nice dewy finish.  It starts out with a bit of a grey cast, as most traditional BB creams do, but they will change color to match your skin after blended.  These BB creams are really thick, and provide great benefits for your skin during wear, such as whitening (lightening of dark spots/even out skin tone) SPF protection, and wrinkle improvement over time....AWESOME.  Traditional BB creams are really for lighter skin, unfortunately, so anyone with medium or darker skin will most likely not have luck with these.  If you're interested in trying these out, I'd steer clear from Amazon.  I got a FEW of these from Amazon and some of them turned out to be fake.  I had to re-order from the Skin79 website - see what happens when you try to save a buck?!?!  Their OFFICIAL website is and it's $30.  The pump it comes in is HUGE though, 40g of product, and you need barely one pump to cover your whole face.  The direct link to the product is

Here are some swatches! :)
Here's what it looks like right out of the pump
Here's what it looks like semi-blended
Here's what it looks like totally blended
And here's what it looks like on the face!  Nice radiant coverage.
Love it!

I'd like to give a mini shout out to the lip gloss that I'm wearing in the above picture.  It was gifted to me by my sister Kelsey over the weekend - and I am NOT a lip gloss person, but I actually like this...
Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Polish in Dolly

Long story short, it has that "My Lips But Better" look to it, and it also has a SLIGHT tingling/menthol feeling, which I assume is what causes it to assist in plumping to a sexy pout.  Don't get the wrong idea, this gloss won't give you fish's just a nice little oomph :)  
skin swatch!  it's a cute piny mauve with slight gold glitter.  LOVE IT
You can get this at Sephora or Bare Escentuals website, and the full size is $19.  Kelsey however got this as a free sample, because she spends loads of cash on makeup (like some people we know!  At least we know who she takes after!)

I did WAY too much shopping over my hiatus of Endlessly Foxy, sometimes I just have those SUPER GIRL moments...

 On a side note...I was seriously visited by THE ONE AND ONLY BILLY CORGAN in  my dreams last night!!!!!!  Why did I wake up!?!  Oh yeah...cause I had to work...DANG.
He was just as perfect in my dreams :) I've even busted out my own vintage flower ring since I've been listening to this album EVERY NIGHT since I fixed my MYPOD haha.

Anyways ~ Thanks for reading and STAY FOXXXY!!!!  xoxo


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