Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Illamasqua Apocalips ~ Benefit Fine One One ~ More Powder Compact Drooling

Today's Lipstick of the Day is SUPER SPECIAL to me!
Apocalips by Illamasqua!

OMG.  I was obsessed with this lipstick from the first time I saw it, because it totally blew my  mind.  TEAL LIPSTICK!?  Sounds crazy, I know, but there's an idea behind it.  The inverse of this color is a reddish orange, which is widely accepted as a beautiful and attractive color.  So the idea is that your brain will accept this color as beautiful also :)
Illamasqua describes this as a Teal, with a matte finish.  That is correct, the finish is entirely matte, and the color is a true teal.  The formula is very dry, and takes awhile to apply correctly, but does leave very opaque coverage.  It really lasts a long time, it will go on and on, and leave a bluish teal stain on your lips, too!

I actually HAD to have this lipstick for one reason: Smashing Pumpkins Oceania Tour!!!!  I had an entire teal outfit going on, and I was dead set on having this lipstick on my face, while singing every word to this album (they played it front to back!) and long story short...I  DID! :)  The cover of the album is what made me realize my true love for everything TEAL!
Love it?  Hate it?  Apocalips is not for everyone, and definitely not the faint of heart :) this is a color that you have to love to wear :) and I do!  Here are some more swatches! :)
without flash
with flash
Love it?  Unfortunately, nowhere in the United States sells this color at the time :( Stupid, right?  Sephora does carry Illamasqua, but not this color inparticular.  If it's this color inparticular that you're after, you have to order it directly from Illamasqua UK, and it's $25.40 after the GBP conversion.  You'll have to pay shipping as well, of course.  Totally worth it in my  mind!!!!  I love this color.  I don't wear it often, but every time I do, I love the way I look!

NEXT UP...girl's best friend...
Benefit's Fine One One!

Beauty Emergency Anyone!?!?  NO PROBLEM, just dial Fine-One-One to dispatch assistance!  

Benefit describes this as:

What it is:
A sheer, brightening cheek-and-lip color for instant lift, shape, and pop.

What it does:
Having a beauty emergency? Call Fine-One-One! This lip-and-cheek illuminator glides on sheer in three different shades for a coral pink flush that builds from soft and natural to bright and cheery.  Glide from the apple of your cheek to your temple…then blend with fingertips in an upward circular motion.

And there you have it, it's really just that easy.  You can also use this on your lips too.  It's a little drying on lips, but I do think that in a pinch it would work well, as long as your lips are moisturized and exfoliated.

Here are some swatches!
product, with flash
applied from tube
on lips

And there you have it!  I really do think it would be a great quick-fix to take around in your purse, it's a nice pop of color, and adds a nice flush.  This costs $30 at Sephora, Ulta, etc - a little pricey in my opinion, but it's a nice fun thing to have.

On a closing note...

My sister Kelsey sent me a text yesterday bragging about her new gold compact from Besame, which is reusable (like my guerlain) and holds an awesome powder...I looked it up today, and now I'm jealous and I WANT MY OWN!
She says the powder inside is awesome, I think that this compact is so damn cute!!!  Besame describes it as:

Silky soft powder foundation that offers smooth, flawless coverage are available. Choose from porcelain, light, medium dark and new translucent violet.
    • Gives skin a luminous radiance with natural mica, without adding shimmer
    • Enriched with anti-aging vitamin C
    • Goes on matte and adheres beautifully to your skin
    • Protects from the sun with natural zinc and titanium dioxide
    • Long-lasting velvety finish with medium coverage
    • Paraben-free

Holy crap, looks like someone might be owning a new powder compact soon!

"Sher's the one for meeeee she's all I really need oh yeahhh Sher's the one for meeee she's my one and ~ and onnnlyyyy!!!!!"  photocredit:
Thanks for reading, and stay FOXXXY! :) xoxo


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