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Stila Colorbalm Lipstick, A Hair Masque Review, and MAC Cosmetics Cute New Collections...

Dear Saturday...I LOVE YOU!

Since I took yesterday off from Endlessly Foxy, today's post will be real treat :) Without further adieu...Today's Lipstick of the Day is...

Stila Colorbalm Lipstick in Betsey
These things are showstopping and I'm going the distance with this one, so be warned! Think Revlon Lip Butter 3.0. A Lip balm, Lipstick, and Stain all in one...KICK ASS! This particular color, Betsey, is part of Stila's 2013 Spring Line, and I have to say, it stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw it. The color is electric (but not quite neon) rock star FUSCHIA. It was right at the register at Ulta, and there was one left. For the price of $22 I was like "...ugh, that's a lot...I love that color...umm...let me think about it..." I was at that moment purchasing the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Color in "Lovesick" which I just recently reviewed, which is fuschia as well. So, at the time, I was like "well, let me go home and test this Revlon thing, then I'll mull this Stila thing over..."


I go home and test the Revlon "Lovesick" stain...loved it, as you know, however, it was NOT the same color as the Stila...and that color stayed in my mind for the rest of the night and all I could think was "noooooo it was the last one!!" I literally dreamed about it that night. (Yes, I know I have a problem...) I knew I was meeting my friend at Ulta the next day, so I figured I would revisit the situation, and evaluate. I wore Lovesick that night so that I would have something to compare it to. As soon as I put this color on, my friend was like "this one is way better...way more color, I love it!" CHA-CHING. Plus, I had a 20% off coupon, which made it $17. Still pricey, yes, but this thing will last forever. 
Stila Betsey: With Flash
Stila Betsey: Without Flash
You don't need much, and the packaging is really cute. Also, it smells like Andes Mints! Chocolatey minty smelling goodness, with sweet color/moisture payoff, AND staying power of over 4 hours (easily)!?! COUNT ME IN!! I feel soooo pretty when I wear this. Not sure what it is about it - but I just LOVE it. If you have a chance to try one of these on, do'll certainly fall into lipstick superlove...SPEAKING of superlove...

"Sher, you look soooo awesome and beautiful in that lipstick...I'll write you a superlove, a superlove album...double disc!!"   Photocredit: Ernest Bazanye

Stila describes this (totally kick ass) product as...

"A modern take on traditional lipstick, this creamy lip color provides the full pigment load of a lipstick, yet delivers the nourishing properties of a balm.

Featuring a luxe, satin finish, this formula offers excellent color payoff while phyto-derived emollient properties deliver hydrated, healthy lips. Naturally cooling peppermint oil provides a fresh and rejuvenating sensation on the lips, while an exclusive certified organic sunflower-based polyglyceride soothes, smoothes, and adds volume and definition to lips.

Features & Benefits:

Luxuriously creamy and hydrating formula with excellent phytoderived emollient properties
Certified organic sunflower based polyglycerides hydrates and smooth lip contours, while adding volume and definition
Naturally cooling peppermint oil is an emollient-rich botanical that provides excellent antiseptic and astringent benefits with a refreshing tingle that both soothes and stimulates irritated lips
Knocked-out Stila logo on cap, color-matched to the shade within for easy at-shelf navigation
A handy mirror on top of the cap for easy application on-the-go"

I gotta be honest...I agree with every single aspect of their description. I am in love, you will be too. Stila knocked it out of the park with these.

On to the next topic :)

Do you color your hair? Do you put that poor head of hair on your head through the ringer? Is it dry and frizzy? Flyaways? Tangles? Need more softness? I have just the thing for you!!!


Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Hydrating Keratin Masque

I cried tears of joy the day that I found this lovely hair masque. I have REALLY long hair, and I have tortured my hair over the years. It's been a lot of colors, its been stripped, straightened, curled, blow dried, crimped, gelled, moussed, clarified, and everything in between. I discovered this masque over the summer at CVS for $8...I was in dire need of help. My hair was so dry that I could barely get a brush through it, and I had tried everything! I read really great reviews on this, and figured for $8, why the hell not. WELL PRAISE THE HAIR GODS, because this stuff is "THE SHIT." I pack it on, completely saturate my hair with it, and leave it on for a good 10 minutes in the shower before rinsing. THERE IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP TO FOLLOW, MUST rinse this out with cool/cold water. If not, prepare for a one way ticket to tangle city. However, I'm sure all of you know that you should be rinsing your hair with cool/cold water anyway to close the cuticle so it's shiny and awesome looking when you're done :) I can truly say this stuff is awesome. Smells delicious too. The only bad part for me is that one tub only gets me two uses, since I have so much hair...I'll take it though!!! A+++++++ in my book!!!

Organix describes this product as...

"A creamy blend of cocoa butter along with pure keratin proteins drench each strand with moisture while nutritive avocado oil and cocoa nut oil reduce frizz, add illuminating shine and lasting smoothness. Beauty. Pure and simple. Organic cocoa nut & avocado oils. Why we love it: It's a creamy, delightfulness for extra smoothness and shine. Why you want it: Rich Brazilian cocoa not oils along with fortifying keratin smoothes, straightens and adds luxurious shine with in a rich luxurious salon-style deep conditioning treatment. What's in it for you: Transform your hair into silky smooth locks with this exclusive blend or organic cocoa nut oil, rich keratin proteins, avocado oil and cocoa butter. Not tested on animals. Made in USA" 

MAC Cosmetics has a few new collections that may strike some of your interests. My sister and I were just talking about MAC the other day - and both agree that this company has the weirdest following who will buy whatever they put out and pay hommage to it like it's some kind of religion. I have a few things from MAC and they are nice - but most are must meh-meh. The collection that everyone is talking about right now is...

MAC Archie's Girls promo. Photocredit

Archie's girls, aka, Betty (blonde) and Veronica (brunette)! Both cuties always trying to stay on top of the game, and win Archie's affection. There are some really cute things available from the collection - in my opinion, MAC's collections always have really cute packaging which is why I like to always at least take a look :) I haven't purchased anything from this collection myself, but have been mulling a few things over. If you'd like to see all that MAC has to offer in the realm of Betty and Veronica, take a look at but buyer beware, this stuff is selling like hotcakes, so if there's something you like, don't wait!


MAC also has another (exclusively online) collection that sparked my interest, called Year of the Snake. I did purchase one thing from this line - so stay tuned for that review sometime this week :) The colors are mostly very dark and sensual, and definitely go along with the mood of the promo. If you'd like to see the full collection, head over to to check it out!

MAC Year of the Snake Collection Promo

On a closing note, I just want to say that I have found the best powder to ever hit my face. I have ohhh, I don't know...about 384957394857 powders...and I love them all...but I have finally found my one true love. Stay tuned for the next Endlessly Foxy! ;-)

Thanks for reading, enjoy your Saturday, and STAY FOXY!



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