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Another Snow-Day Review!!!

NARS The Multiple in Orgasm!

This thing is a multi-tasking BEAST.  I was unsure when i first bought it, for a number of reasons.  I usually hate things that are multi-tasking on the face, because I feel like I'm getting washed out if I use too much of the same color.  

Well, this color is fantastic and can definitely be used to multi-task.  "Orgasm" is described as a peachy, pink shimmer.  This can be used as a blush, a highlighter, an eyeshadow, lipstick, or anywhere on the body where you want a little color and shimmer.  I have used this to highlight my shoulders/collarbone when wearing low cut tops or a dress, it's a really nice product.

NARS describes this product as:

What it is:
An all-in-one, cream-to-powder, multipurpose makeup stick.

What it does:
NARS The Multiple beautifully highlights, sculpts, and warms the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body in an array of shades, from sheer accents to mauve and bronze.

Since this is a cream-to-powder product, it blends very easily on skin.  In the above swatch, I've done two applications of the product.  The left is an unblended swipe of the product.  The right is the product completely blended.  (The pigmentation difference is a scar, don't mind that!)

Here is another swatch, on the face this time.  I used the product in the above photo on my cheek as a blush, and also on my lips.  As you can see, on the cheeks it gives a lovely, wonderful ethereal glow.  This is one of my favorite blushes - and it is definitely buildable, and blends very easily.  It translates very differently on the lips for me, comes up a lot more pinky and shimmery.

Here is one last swatch of this product, on the lips this time.  It is very shimmery on the lips, and unfortunately, the cream-to-powder finish of the product tends to make this highlight lines and any imperfections in your lips - no matter how much you exfoliate.  I'm sure that if you put some chapstick under it that it could fix this issue, but really, it would be easier just to use another lip product instead.  I don't much prefer this on MY lips, but I have seen it work for many people.

This foxy little number will run you $39.00 at Sephora, but it is well worth it.  You get a huge amount of product, and even using this daily, I can see it lasting way more than a year.

Sher is glowing over there...I can't stop staring at her......I'm so glad she's mine...**superlove album brewing in my mind***     photocredit:


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