Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Foxy Return: Beauty Powder, Lipstick of the Day, and a Confidence Boost!

Happy Thursday!  My foxiest apologies for the hiatus, but I'm back!

Let's get to it!  Today's Lipstick of the Day is...
Mac Cosmetics Archie's Girls Lustre Lipstick in "Oh, Oh, Oh"

I was COMPLETELY unsure about this when I ordered it, but in the heat of the moment watching all of the Archie's Girl's collection sell out online, I snagged this lipstick and it was the LAST one available.  The two other Betty Lipsticks sold out, as well as all 3 of the Veronica's.  This color looks SO weird in the tube, it looks like a weird dark brown with gold glitter...doesn't look flattering at all.  What it actually translates to when on your lips is a beautiful sheer (but buildable) terracotta plum with gold micro shimmer (it is a Lustre finish).  I am SERIOUSLY in love with this, and I can actually see myself wearing this for days on end - and who knows, I just might!
I know exactly why this lipstick is named "Oh, Oh, Oh."
  • Upon opening the tube: "....Oh"   *grossed out face*
  • Upon applying the lipstick:  "........Oh?"     *glimmer of hope.  It's not as ugly as it looks*
  • Upon admiring yourself in the mirror upon completion of application: "OH!"  *HOLY CRAP I LOOK FABULOUS* (this will be referenced, keep reading.)
My apologies for the up close and personal shot, however, it had to be done.  This color translates so differently in all types of light, and would absolutely be flattering on any skintone, without question.  I can truly say I am pleasantly surprised, and LOOOOOOOOVE this!  This particular lipstick is not part of MAC's permanent line, this color is a repromote from one of their past collections (MAC Me Over) and is now part of the Betty's Lipsticks in the Archie's Girls line.  These are $16.50 and the packaging is literally adorable.  LOVE IT!

I also got another package from MAC while I was away, and it is...
MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl!

The IDEA of just the name "Beauty Powder" even excites me.  Sounds vintagey and awesome, and I love it.  Now, as for reality, this beauty powder is described by MAC as:

"Apply as a highlight, soft blush or overall finish. Delicately tinted in a pale peach with gold pearl. Year of the Snake pattern embossed in the Powder. Limited Edition"

I didn't know how I was going to feel about this powder, however, I can now say that I'm actually very fond it of.  I was expecting to be able to use this as blush only, however MAC's description is definitely correct, it is multi-use - but I don't think that justifies the $24 price tag - because they still epic-failed on the packaging!  "Year of the Snake" beauty powder...we embossed a snake pattern in your powder (which is all busted up now cause I used it) they should have given it a sweet compact...duh MAC.  Duh.  Anyway, I am wearing this powder as a blush and as a finishing powder in the above Lipstick of the Day picture.  It's a very subtle color, and definitly gives that innocent sort of "glow from within" look, which I am pretty fond of I guess.  And FYI, this beauty powder doesn't even come with it's own puff applicator, so have your favorite brush ready!

There's something else that I feel needs to be addressed to my readers.  I've received a lot of compliments and facebook messages lately regarding this blog - thank you!  Most of the comments are similar - and you ladies seem to think I can rock any color :) which is awesome, but YOU CAN TOO, and let me tell you how.  You purchase the lipstick you want, and apply.  Wear it with CONFIDENCE.  Wear it and know you look good wearing it.  You liked it in the tube, no reason not to like it when wearing!  Wear something that emcompasses your mood for the day, that is the fun part about makeup.  Wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful.  We all have things that we don't like about ourselves, but you never know, you buy that perfect Red Lipstick, put it on, and have a situation similar to this........
Why yes you do, you little flippin CUTIE!!!! :)
The point here being, you can wear whatever you want to wear.  These are the things that make us, us.  That being said, I don't want to hear anyone else say "I can't wear these colors"  Yes you have to want to!  You put on that lipstick and strut your shit down the street - watch all the people who do the double-take and say to yourself "Damn right!"

Now then, in closing, I've also received a lot of requests for an eyebrow tutorial.  No worries, I will absolutely get to work on that.  It will be lengthy, and I will do my best to make sure all the steps are clear, and that products of all types are listed.  I've tried every brow product on the market, so that post will be a hefty one.  Stay tuned for that...!

"I wanna hear everybody scream for the foxy love of my life, the one, the only, SHER STEWART!!!!!"
....OH :) well I've been waiting for THAT since 1994ish!  A girl can dream....

Thanks for reading and STAY FOXY!



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