Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Favorite Discontinued Lipstick, Powder, and Foundation...RIP

Snow Day Sunday!

Today's post is going to be about paying homage to some of my most beloved things ever, which have been discontinued :( They always do that to the good stuff.  Let's get started!

My first discontinued love...
Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in "Twilight"

This beauty literally fell to me from the sky.  I was at the Walt Whitman Mall sometime last year, and found an entirely new, packaged tube of this lipstick in the parking lot, just laying there waiting for me.  I of course picked it up like it was mine, and waltzed right to the car.  Don't judge me!  First of all, any girl in there is gonna be like "Oh yeah, that's mine!" a nice $25.00 tube of lipstick...there was no bag, no receipt, and therefore, I am convinced it was the beauty deities shining down on me, advising me that this was my shade, sent from above.

When I opened the cap, I was immediately disappointed.  "This shade is just meh-meh" I thought.  THEN...I put it on.  OMG.  I've never been in such lipstick superlove before.  Everything about it was perfect.  The color, the texture, the packaging...I'm so serious.  I went through 4 tubes of this lipstick in 4 months.  I was obsessed.  I felt so pretty in this.  After I hit the pan on the 4th tube, I figured I'd start spreading my love to some other colors/brands and give this one a break for awhile.  A few months went by, and I started dreaming of Twilight again....I found the 4th tube and dug out the bottom of what was left, and applied.  Still looked just as pretty as ever.  
Here is a cochese looking self photo of me, wearing Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Twilight...I remember why I love it so much....
The next day, I went to the mall to find another delectable tube of awesome twilight perfectness...only for that wench to tell me that IT'S BEEN DISCONTINUED....I can't lie, I threw a semi-fit, maybe cried (just a little) and demanded (nicely) that she offer me whatever tubes were left, and that I knew there were some...none of this worked out in my favor, however, I still search for this wonder on the lovely internet from time to time, and I still dream of being reunited with my superlove again.  RIP were just too perfect and too awesome for this world.  May we meet again!

For my next discontinued love...
Revlon Skinlights Illuminating Loose Face Powder

My mom actually introduced me to this powder.  And by introduced, I mean I helped myself to her makeup stash and applied it myself unbeknownst to her, back in 9th grade.  And OMG, I looked FABULOUS.  This powder was SOOOO finely milled, and could actually be applied with the little brush kept at the top of the packaging, which is not usually something that is feasible with most products.  The top of the package housed the little brushed, and screwed on to the bottom of the package, which held the powder, making it TOTALLY BACKPACK FRIENDLY...which was a concern for me at the time lol.  This powder had little light reflective crystals that made your face GLOW.  Not sparkle...glow.  Two totally different things, people.  It completely brightened up my skin, and blurred all my acne scars (when used over Revlon Colorstay, if I recall correctly.)  OMG, it was just perfect and awesome.  Pricey even at the time for $11.99 at Wal-Mart, and I used this powder for YEARS, until they discontinued it when I was about 24.  OMG I was crushed, but other companies came out with "illuminating" powders...some hits...some misses...all of them only wish they had the POWER of the Revlon Skinlights!  RIP you beautiful piece of wonderious material!

For my last discontinued love...
Max Factor Pan-Stik Foundation 

Now, I know you have all heard me blabble on about this...but now, for those of you that want to read about it, I'm going to tell you why.  This foundation was literally, PERFECT.  It was amazing.  Perfect, flawless, dewy coverage, every time.  It came in a big fat tube (as pictured above) which made it perfect for purse-travel and touch ups.  This stuff was no joke, people - Max Factor Makeup was used in HOLLYWOOD damn it.  HOLLYWOOD.  Max Factor was a favorite brand of Marilyn Monroe, and when did you EVER see that woman walking around lookin a mess?  NEVER.  Anyways, the Max Factor Pan Stik is still selling in the UK, and is actually a top brand there.  Max Factor stopped selling in the US in around 2009, and I stocked up on these as much as possible, but my shade was never on the shelf when the brand was even around!  Now, I order my Pan-Stiks through a UK dealer on Amazon, but they are not the same.  They are half the size of the original stick, and oval shaped...I'm not really a fan, but it has the same coverage that I love and remember, so I will continue to order :) as long as it's offered.

I guess the moral of the story is that during your quest for perfect beauty...there will be superloves...and super-losses.  It is the nature of the beast...but after the huge fit I always throw, I say, "ON TO THE NEXT!"

I will spare you the Billy Corgan picture in today's post...he's out writing a new album anyway, so I'm trying to give him his space.  When I say trying, I only sent him 78 text message, 41 emails, and 23 phone calls.  He'll call back soon, I'm sure.  In between takes...

Thanks for reading and STAY FOXXXY!!!!!!



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