Saturday, February 9, 2013


Happy Snow Day Saturday!!!

Since I'm pretty much barricaded in my house due to the 834573957 foot snow drifts outside, I am finally writing my eyebrow tutorial :)  I get lots of compliments about my brows, and I've had lots of requests for this tutorial.

Before we get started, lets talk a little bit about eyebrows.  Most people don't take them seriously enough, in my opinion.  They can make or break your face.  Have you ever seen someone without eyebrows...or someone who has completely butchered their eyebrows?  They just look...OFF.  Everyone's eyebrow shape is different, and in order to correctly and cleanly fill in your brows, you have to start off with well groomed brows.  
If you've never seen this before, this is the brow "pencil" shaping technique.  In short...:
  • 1. Hold pencil from nostril vertically straight up.  Your brow starts here.  Tweeze everything before the pencil.
  • 2. Hold pencil from nostril diagonally to where your pupil ends.  This is your arch.  Tweeze and trim accordingly.
  • 3. Hold pencil from nostril diagonally to the end of your eye.  This is where your brow ends.  Tweeze and trim accordingly.
Now, when I say "Tweeze and Trim accordingly" this is NOT what I mean...
THIS IS A NO NO.  DO NOT DO THIS.  EVER.  photocredit:
It's not difficult to figure out for most people, but if you have any issues shaping your brows, please go to a Benefit Brow Bar or salon and get them waxed.  I would say to a Benefit Brow Bar (located inside Ulta), because they will EXPLAIN to you why they are doing what they are doing, and what you should NEVER do.  They will also teach you how to fill in, and maintain.  Good deal.

Now brows have suffered years and years of abuse.  Back in the day when I got my first set of tweezers at the ripe old age of 14, I tweezed those shits right off my face...and thought it looked good...until everyone stared at me wherever I went.  Long story short, my brows took on a personality of their own after that.  I always liked them very thin and penciled in.  I wore them that way for years.  I still do like that (gothic awesome) look, however, I've taken a more traditional approach in recent days, as I'm creeping up on 30.  I dye my hair black, and have very LIGHT eyebrows hair, so they need to be filled in, or I look like Marilyn Manson (Sweet!)
Depending on the shape, color, and thickness of your brows, they may not need as much maintenance and help as mine do.  Your brows make or break your look though - NEVER forget that!  Even if you don't need to fill them in, they need to be shaped at the VERY least.  Most people just need a shaping and a bit of brow powder, and they are out the door.  I, on the other hand, have a very strict brow regimen which I've gotten quite good at over the years :)

I take a rather dramatic approach to my brows, but in my book, "more is more" and I don't do anything "just a little bit" :) 

Here is the breakdown in 8 steps!  Description of that step will be right under the picture. 

Step 1: Start with clean, groomed brows.

Step 2: Take a brow pencil and lightly outline the shape of your brow.  Don't worry about it being perfect, you just need to get the shape defined.  You can blur the line you made later.

Step 3: Using an angled brow brush, take the brush and using light strokes, create the bottom base of the brow.  Start from the front, and sweep your way back to and through the arch, NOT completing the tail end of the brow.  Again, no worries about it being perfect, it will be blended out in later steps.

Step 4: Using the angled brow brush, use light strokes to create the top of your brow.  Start from the front, and sweep your way back to the highest point of the arch.  Again, don't worry about it looking like a stencil - you will blend everything out later.  

Step 5: With your angled brow brush, fill in the shape of your brow, working from front to back.  Use a small amount of product and create a color base for your brow.  You don't want to just jump in and pack on the product if you need to heavily fill in your brows.  This is the first round of color.  You want to achieve a "diffused" look in the front, for a more natural look.  Use your finger or a Q-tip under the arch and in the front (or wherever needed) for any blending needed.

Step 6: Natural Lighting
Step 6 with diffused lighting
Step 6: After the initial "base color" has set, do another round of product in the center of your brow, not touching the diffused ends that you created in the front and back.

Step 7: To finish the brow, take a highlighter pencil (a cream eyeshadow will work too) and line the bottom of your brow from front to back, and dot at the top of your arch.  This raises the brow and gives your face a rested, youthful look. 

Step 8: Blend the highlighter focusing on your browbone under the arch, and be sure to also blend the highlighter that you dotted above your arch as well.  Take your brow brush with very little product on it, and blend the outer lines to give a diffused look.  Slap a little Cat Eye on using some Kohl Eyeliner, and you're ready for a FOXY night out on the town!!! :)

Here's a little diddy on some of my can't-live-without brow products:

1. Sephora Waterproof Retractable Brow Pencil
2. Ecotools Angled Brush
3. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow (Filler)
4. MAC Fluidline Brow Gelecreme (Filler)
5. Tarte Emphas-Eyes Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse (Filler)
6. Benefit High Brow (Brow Highlighter)

My goal is waterproof smudgeproof/budgeproof products.  Having half a brow in the middle of the day is NOT a good look, so I choose products accordingly.  These products above are my favorites.  I also do love the Illamasqua Brow Cake and Sealing Gel (not pictured) but those products are NOT for the faint of heart.  Creates a very dramatic, sexy brow, but with a little more effort than pictured above.  I have WAY more brow products than this...too many to even mention.  I've tried them all, these are just my favs!

If anyone has any questions about methods or products for brows (or anything) just contact me and I'd love to give my opinion! :)

Sher that's enough of this eyebrow're beautiful enough, in fact, the most beautiful woman in the world...I've arranged for 78342972347 nights in Paris, just for us...Now pack your stuff darlin' let's jet!" :)

Thanks for reading, and stay FOXY!




  1. eye brow riff raff hahahah i cant take this. i do remember the eyebrow incident you speak of. twas bad.

  2. These things happen lol!! Thanks for seeing me through!

  3. These things happen lol!! Thanks for seeing me through!