Monday, February 11, 2013

Beauty No-No's

It's Monday, and unfortunately, I'm feeling under the weather :( so no makeup reviews, or lipstick of the day today.  I have no energy for that.

Today's post is going to be about Beauty No-No's.  Now, before this gets started, I need to first state that I VERY FIRMLY believe that everyone should wear what they want to wear.  THESE ARE MY OWN OPINIONS ON NO-NO's.  Most people like to wear their makeup as a a depiction of themselves.  Makeup is definitely an artform that has a VERY FINE LINE of going to a bad place...

And in my humble opinion...these are bad places...

This is definitely a mug-shot of sorts...she's definitely going to jail...for some of the worst eyebrows I've ever seen.  I can't understand what would make her shave them off and draw a straight line...?  I guess she wanted to put on her "Poker Face"  lolol.  Bad joke...but worse eyebrows.  OH GOD.

And just when you think you can't take anymore, here we go, on a trip to the RAINBOW...
I have no idea what in the hell would compel any woman to draw a perfect half-egg on the top of her eye...she does look very surprised though, maybe there IS a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow!  But probably not, so please, oh please, make a mental note to NEVER ever do this! LOL.
Now, with all bad comes a little (and in this particular case, a lot of) good, and here is a prime example of perfectly groomed and filled in brows:
The lovely Megan Fox!  Her face is perfectly framed, and her brows perfectly groomed.  Nicely diffused in the front for a natural look, but dramatically filled in through the arch to the tail - PERFECT.  GO GIIIIRRRL!!!!!

The next makeup flub up is one that I am SO TOTALLY GUILTY OF!  I have to keep myself in check, seriously...
TOO MUCH FACE POWDER!!!! :( WAIT WHAT?!  It's a shame that there is such a thing.  Unfortunately, the reason that this happens MOST of the time is because there is SPF in most powders available.  SPF is SUPER light reflective, which makes your face look a different color, especially in photos.

HOWEVER...If it were up to me, I'd powder my face all day long.  I love face powder!!!  I go overboard ALL THE TIME.  Oh so guilty of this...but lately, I've been a good girl, and have been keeping myself in check...but it's hard, I feel myself wanting to relapse everyday!  There's just too many powders to puff on!  And I love them all...ohhh how I love them...
You KNOW she's pissed at her makeup peeps!
Aw shiz, man!  Looks like I puffed the day away...!  GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!
I can't possibly leave MYSELF out of this I said, I am totally guilty of packing on the powder.  Perfect lipstick application, and everything ruined from powder puffin' the day away...omg...things happen sometimes, what can I say?!

I think the next section is everyones favorite...the orange face girls...
Oh man...the complete opposite of what we just spoke about.  This girl is OBSESSED with Bronzer!  I FEEL YOUR PAIN, WOMAN!  Well kind of.  Anyways, the rest of her seems nice and tan, but she packed on the bronzer, and is now an Oompa Loompa.  Where's Willy Wonka?  Did he give you that nice candy necklace?  YIKES.
OMG.  If I could only caption this train wreck...this bronzer-addict has a clear creeper at 9 o'clock...if only she knew, so she could suck down that beer a bit quicker.  Or use it to wash all the bronzer off...either/or...

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to beauty no-no's.  I have had, and still have them all the time.  These things happen!  The only thing we can do is work towards a better tomorrow of good eyebrows, less face powder, and  an adequate amount of bronzer! :)

Oh wait a coming in...
OMG it's Billy!

"Sher, I just found this pic from when we were hanging out and everything went all blue...remember that day?  It was the best day of my life.  You're just the best ever.  Who's better than you?  Nobody, my superlove...nobody..."

OMG.  G2G!  ^_^

Thanks for reading, and stay super foxxxy!