Thursday, February 21, 2013

Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss in Succubus, Benefit Bathina, and Hard Candy Moon Glow Powder!

OMG it's finally "Friday!"  I'm off until Thursday of next week to go visit the fam, so I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done in the interim, so hopefully this tides you all over! :)

Today's Lip of the Day is...

Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss in Succubus

Let me start off by saying I am NOT a fan of lip gloss at all.  I got this in an Illamasqua Mystery Box...and this jumped out at me RIGHT away!
This lip gloss is a very intense blood red color.  When you squeeze the tube and it comes out of the applicator, the color is SO intense and beautiful, it practically takes my breath away!  You can wear this sheer or truly built up to the blood red color.  If you wear it built up, it does remain a little gloppy for a bit.  My hair was sticking to it earlier, which totally reminded me of that episode of Beavis and Butthead where they cut off their hair and glued it to their faces to have beards...
So that part of wearing lipgloss always annoys me.  However, this one I allow into my winner's circle for two reasons...#1. It's named after a super sexy demon woman who seduces people (awesome!) Everyone knows these Succubus ladies are so super awesome and sexy...
And's BLOOD red.  I'm telling you BLOOD red.  Here are some swatches...bask in the beauty of Illamasqua's Succubus Intense Lip Gloss!!! :)
OMG I seriously love this.  I think I might have to start wearing it more often!  This lipgloss retails for $22 at Sephora, but i got mine in the Illamasqua Mystery Box, which included 8 full size products for $60...however let me say I would bite the bullet and pay full price for this.  It is off the charts.  If you love really extreme makeup, check out Illamasqua!  They have really unique colors, and the quality is excellent.


Benefit's Bathina Silky Glimmering Body Balm!
I won this stuff at a Benefit raffle at Ulta a few months ago, and I really love this stuff a lot.  It is a silky body balm that applies like a dream, and melts right into your skin leaving it perfectly moisturized, and smelling SO SEXY.  It comes with a little puff for application (so cute) and this is one of my favorite things in the pile of stuff that I won that day.  I'm trying to save this more for summer, because it looks so nice applied to the shoulders/neck when you wear a cute dress and high shoes!  This stuff retails for $28, and I'd say it's worth it too...I used this everyday for almost 2 months and hardly put a dent in it.  Next time you're at the good ol' Sephora or Ulta, give this a whiff and a try, you'll love it, I'm sure!


Hard Candy Moon Glow Powder

Well, as you all know, I have quite the powder addiction and definitely own more than I could ever use...but will continue to purchase more, because there's always something better out there!  One day I will just be buried in powder compacts and puffs...OMG what an awesome burial LOL.  Anyways, this powder is quite cute.  I found this lovely at Walmart for $6.  The thing about this is, you can't really use this as your primary powder...unless you want to end up looking like a Cullen...
And what's so bad about that?  NOTHING.  Look at that man, he's damn gorgeous.  And sparkly!  And you could be too, if you pack this powder on!  If that's the look you're going for, more power to you, I'm right behind you girlfriend!  However, if you're using this for a daily "cute innocent glow" then you'll want to apply your setting powder, and then a QUICK dusting of this on top.  It is very very glittery, so a little dab'll do ya!  I tried to swatch it for you guys, but it's too hard and just ends up looking like glitter, because it is a transluscent powder.  I think this is a fun powder...however, I will be gifting this one to my lovely sister Kelsey over the weekend :)  If I remember that is!
And that's that, folks!!!  So until ne-- oh wait I'm getting a text message hang on......
"Despiiiiiiiite all my rage I'm still just in superlove with Sherrrrrr!"  photocredit:
 Awesome :) keep it that way, Billy.

Til next timeeeeee.....thanks for reading and STAY FOXXXY!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wet N' Wild Megalast Lipstick, Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow, and a Bamboo Compact!

Holy hell...I am exhausted, AGAIN!


Today's Lipstick of the Day is...

Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy

I really love these lipsticks, they are awesome.  This particular one is a tad bit drying, and can be a bit of a pain to apply.  You definitely need to make sure that your lips are exfoliated prior to applying, and also but a lip balm underneath.  
Lip Swatch!
Once this lipstick is on, it stays put for at least 3 hours.  There is a pretty large range of shades to the line also, I'd say about 20 or so.  The only thing I don't like about these lipsticks is that they don't fully retract.  Just like it is in the stock photo above, is exactly  how it stays.  I "decapitated" one of these with the cap - so you gotta be careful with these ones!  Another great part - the price!  These are between $2 and $3 depending on where you get them.  Easy to collect them all!
Arm Swatch!
The key also with this lipstick (and any lipstick really) is that after you apply it, let it sit on your lips for about 5 minutes before you make a true judgement as to whether you like it or not.  Most formula's will "melt down" after being exposed to your body heat, and they will even out and look great :) Give em' a chance!


Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Fuschia Fever!
I NEED MORE OF THESE!   They were not kidding when they said "Color Tattoo" because this stuff is tattooed on your face until you take it off!  I have worn these for over 12 hours, with no primer, and my eyeshadow is PERFECT at the end of the day, just like when I applied it.  Fuschia Fever is a limited edition shade for spring, and the ones from their normal line are a little boring to me.
I have applied these with a brush, but I find it easier to use my finger to apply, then blend with a brush.  They don't dry right away either, so you have plenty of time to work :)  These are actually fairly priced, between $7 and $9.  They will last you forever, too, they're super pigmented, so you'll only need a little bit.


I found this cute little thing at Harmon Discount last week....
Physician's Formula Bamboo Wear Compact

This was really cute, AND on clearance for under $4.  The compact itself is made out of Bamboo, and opens up to two different compartments.  The first compartment houses a little brush and a mirror, while the bottom compartment houses a powder or bronzer of your choice (sold separately by Physician's Formula.) Each compartment has a magnetic (automatic) closure.

I didn't get the powder that is supposed to go in there, because frankly, I was hoping to jam pack one of my own powders in there...but now I don't even know if I want to deal with it anymore.  So it will probably sit around for awhile until I get motivated one day to have a Bamboo Compact lol.  Physician's Formula whole idea for this is "Beauty that's Sustainable"  Sustainable, durable material (bamboo) which can be re-used, wasting less, because you keep the same container.  Very very cute, as usual Physician's Formula!  Love it.
"Got you this flower, Sher!  LooOOooOOovVVveeEe YOOoOoOOuUUu"  photocredit:
Love you too Billy forever and ever :) Thanks for the flower.

This is Sher Stewart, signing off...I'm EXHAUSTED...thanks for reading, and stay foxxxy!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte No. 1 ~ Compact Mirrors, and a Surprise Valentine's Day Gift!!

Oh, man, I am exhausted today!  On with the show...

Today's Lipstick of the Day is:
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte No. 1 Nude Beige

This is one of my favorite lipsticks of ALL TIME.  I am IN THE SUPERLOVE with YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks! They are like lipsticks from outer space...there are no others out there like them, I'm telling you.
First of all, they come in these beautiful super duper fancy tubes, which remind me of like the 20s or something.  Each tube has a color indicator behind the YSL logo, which is helpful when you're choosing which color to wear that day!  The old school tubes have a mirror on top for touch ups (awesome) but for some reason they did away with that.

Nude Beige is the perfect color to go with a dramatic eye.  The weird part about this color, is that it's not exactly's pink with heavy beige undertones.  Here's a few swatches so you can get a better idea:
This is the perfect lipstick.  It is completely opaque in ONE coat - those swatches above were done doing just ONE coat of this.  These are amazing.  They also finish with a nice shine, and smell roses and fruit, with just a hint of awesome :)

The unfortunate part about these loveys is that they are not cheap...$34 a tube!  I usually only buy these when I have gift cards.  You can get them at any major dept store (Macys, Bloomingdales,) and also at Sephora.  Even if you just go there and try them won't regret it.  You'll thank me later :) these are the lipsticks of OUR LIVES!!!!!!

Moving right along, I'd like to give some love to some cute cosmetic accessories favorite things...


I have a lot of compact mirrors...I don't know why, but I just love them!  

These are my two top favorites EVER:

The Cinderella Mirror by Sephora!  I LOVE this mirror, and it is my most favorite compact mirror.  It will be in any purse I carry, for sure.  The signature Cinderella clock on the outside, gold inlay, rose-cut glass over top, and a "pocketwatch" type closure thingy... I LOVE THIS MIRROR.  Makes me feel sooooooooo pretty when I use it.  There is a normal mirror, and a magnified mirror on the inside.  The normal side of the mirror says on the very bottom "time for your moment"'re damn right it is!!!  It was limited edition and is no longer available, but you can probably find one on Ebay or something!  It's hard to get in pictures, so I've included my own photo, as well as a stock photo.
And the mirror I use when I'm feeling like a super badass...

Kat Von D's (by Sephora) Compact Mirror!  This mirror is SO HEAVY.  I got this as a gift about 4 years ago (maybe 5?! I think I lost count) and it is holding up strong as ever.  It weighs a ton, and I get compliments on this every single time I take it out, it never goes unnoticed.  Unfortunately, this was limited edition also, but again, maybe you can find it on Ebay if you're interested!  When you open it up, again, normal mirror and a magnified side, and the normal side has stars in the top corner, like KVD!  Magnet closure...awesoooooooome!

Today, my day was a little brighter because I received a really great Valentine's Day gift from my Mom in the mail, and it totally cracked me up...
LOL!!!  These are SO FREAKIN CUTE.  Cuticle/Brow Scissors and Tweezers!!!   I seriously laughed out loud when I got them, because they were so damn cute!  Her card said that she thought they looked just like me, and she couldn't pass them up...then I laughed even harder.  It was exactly what I needed!  LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Mom :)

photocredit: (modified lol)
Thanks so much for reading, and stay foxxxy!  xoxo


Monday, February 18, 2013

Powder Foundation Comparison ~ Palmer's Cocoa Butter Oil ~ L'Oreal Evercurl Cream Gel review!

Happy Presidents Day!  

President Obama has just received his Foxxxy makeover, courtesy of me, Sher Stewart!

Thanks to President's Day, I have the day off today (awesome!) so today's post will be hefty!

First of all, there's a battle going on up in here...


I'm going to sort out this mess once and for all!  As you know, I recently have fallen in love with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.  I used to be a faithful user of the Cover Girl Simply Powder powder foundation (starting all the way back in 8th grade!) I always have one on hand, it is a nice powder...but in the whirlwind of my daily cosmetic obsessive compulsiveness, it got lost in the mix.  So I'm going to settle this mess here and now, and answer the question: WHICH POWDER FOUNDATION IS BETTER?!

Lets start off with swatches of the Cover Girl Simply Powder foundation:
Cover Girl Simply Powder Foundation Compact (does come w/ sponge applicator too)
Inside of Compact (I removed the sponge.  It is stored in the same compartment as the powder)
Here is the swatch - this is one swipe of the product on my finger.
Cover Girl describes this product as:

"Covers like a liquid, but goes on like a powder. So light the look of tiny flaws, oil and shine seem to disappear. Simply Powder Foundation is non-acnegenic, hypoallergenic, and won't clog pores, for an even skin tone and beautiful matte finish. Plus, it's mirrored compact lets you take it everywhere.  Won't clog pores.  Suitable for sensitive skin."

The one thing that I don't like about this product is that there are only 9 shades available, and after reading a lot of reviews, I noticed that a lot of women have issues not with the product itself, but finding a good color match.  I use the lightest, Ivory (505) and as you can see from the photos, this is not very light.

Although they claim it to cover like a liquid, the coverage of this powder is medium, at best.  It would be buildable, but you'd have to use a buffing brush and probably a tinted moisturizer base to get really decent coverage.  This is a really good powder for the price though, and it is very silky and doesn't get cakey and weird either.  I've also never had this powder oxidize on me (change color) during the day, which is always a plus!  I like how purse-friendly the compact itself is, but I don't like that they expect the sponge to be stored on top of the product itself...that's asking for a bacterial breeding ground, so I usually use a brush.  This powder foundation is definitely checkbook friendly, costs $6 at good old Wal-Mart.

I did a super-mondo review of the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation the other day, but I'll put the pictures here, since there is a battle going on, and so you guys can reference the two powders in the same post:
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Compact
Inside of Compact (There's also a bottom storage compartment for sponge applicator)
One swipe of product on finger
As you can see, the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is WAY more pigmented than the Cover Girl Powder Foundation.  (I am NC25 in this) I personally like the MAC one way better, but then again, I need full coverage.  I have a lot of pigmentation issues and redness, but for someone who doesn't need full coverage, I'm sure the Cover Girl foundation would work just fine!  In this battle though....MAC - 1, Cover Girl- 0.  The MAC foundation is expensive, $27 a pop...but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.

I do have a picture of myself with half of my face done in the Cover Girl powder foundation, and the other half in the MAC powder foundation, but I'd rather not post that here LOL, if you would like to see it, let me know and I will get it to you! :)

Here is the best (and my personal favorite) tool for applying Powder Foundation:
E.L.F. Powder Brush (Flat Top)

This brush is AWESOME.  The best brush for a full coverage, buffed, airbrushed finish.  Best part about this?  This brush (and all other E.L.F. brushes) are $2.99 ~ available at Kmart, Target and Harmon Discount.  E.L.F. brushes and products are cruelty free.  If you like powder, you need this brush!


This winter is driving my skin NUTS.  I am really getting sick of lotions these days.  Not only are they annoying to put on, but I'm really picky about lotions and I always feel greasy and gross after I put them on....and I don't know which is worse?  Having flaky dry skin, or being gross and greasy?!  So yesterday, I picked up something on a whim...
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

As advertised on the package, it claims to improve the appearance of
  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Dry, Damaged Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Aging Skin
Honestly, I was expecting this stuff to be a mess.  I was pleasantly surprised!  This has a pump applicator, so no dumping, spilling, etc.  Upon first application, the product does LOOK greasy and shiny, but doesn't feel that way at all.  I would describe this as a "dry" oil.  It completely absorbed into my skin within about 5 minutes, leaving behind a very pleasant scent, and SUPER baby soft skin.  This was a really nice change from messy, greasy lotions and I can see myself using this regularly.  This is also a multi-tasker product, you can pour a tablespoon of this in your bathwater for a nice, moisturizing soak :)  I got this for $7.49 at Harmon, and I would recommend it to anyone who is sick of greasy lotions and looking for a nice change!

Last up!
L'Oreal Evercurl Sculpt & Hold Cream Gel

I have nightmare is naturally "wavy" which translates mostly to frizz and tangles.  Not pretty.  I was actually eyeing up a Redken Creme Gel, but saw this as a WAY cheaper alternative.  The Redken Creme Gel is about $20, and this was about $7.  I have a love-hate relationship with hair gels.  Most of them do help the curls look really nice...however the curls DO NOT MOVE, which looks like I'm wearing a basket of curly fries on my head.  Not a good look.  So lately, I've been on the hunt for something that will stop my waves from being a frizz factory.

L'Oreal describes this product as:

EverCurl™ Sulfate-Free Curl Care System Sculpt & Hold Cream Gel is a dual-phase formula that helps detangle and separate curls while adding shine. This weightless 2-in-1 oil infuses silky moisture without greasiness. Curls are soft, more manageable without stiffness or frizz.  100% Sulfate-Free  Botanical Oils 

This is the first gel that I have used that has actually done what it claims.  My frizzy waves actually transformed into more defined, SILKY curls (not crunchy!) and it is definitely shiny and malleable.  Such a nice change from the usual concrete rock hard gels that I've been using.  No crunchiness, and no frizziness!  Love this stuff A LOT.  I can even put this in wet hair before bed, and wake up with "sexy bedhead" SWEET!

I think that's about enough rambling for one day!
"Is there a foxier woman than Sher Stewart in the world?  NOPE!" :) photocredit:
Happy President's Day, thanks for reading, and STAY FOXXXY!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia, MAC Powder Plus Foundation, and Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream Reviews!

Today's Lipstick of the Day is:

Obsessive Compusive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar in Black Dahlia

OCC Cosmetics are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free!  I love them, they are definitely unlike any other lip color I've ever tried. 
OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia  photocredit:

Before I go into my schpiel, here is how OCC describes their Lip Tars:

A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment - a little goes a very, very long way! An intense yet featherweight layer of color that never looks or feels heavy. Meant to be mixed, Lip Tar comes in concise array of colors for a limitless selection of shades made by you! A simple, elegant formula that contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, OCC Lip Tar feels as good on the lips as it looks!

DIRECTIONS: Apply the tiniest bead of Lip Tar with our newly-included #010S Short-Handled Precision Lip Brush for complete, opaque coverage, either mixed with other shades or on its own. Applying too much product can result in feathering outside the lipline, so remember: a little goes a very long way!
Lip Swatch: OCC Lip Tar - Black Dahlia
 I saw an ad where a model was wearing Black Dahlia...and I was mesmerized.  The color is a deep, blackened rose...stunning.  Had to have it...but had to order it, because of course Sephora was out.  Now, in the directions when they say the tiniest bead...they're not kidding.  When I first applied this, I went gung-ho, I mean I was ALL IN!  It was everywhere...all over my face, all over my teeth...not pretty.  The key to these is time and patience.  They are buildable, but need to be applied in the THINNEST layer possible, and given time to dry before the next layer is applied.  In my picture above, I did only one layer, but when this is built up, it is a very black rose...gorgeous.  Once it sets, it feels like a second skin, and wears FOR A LONG TIME.  I had the below swatches on my hand for 20 seconds while I took the picture, and there is a noticeable stain on my skin.  These things are no joke!
Skin swatch: A bead of color, and a blended section...SUPER PIGMENT!
On a side-note, I feel my old goth-esque roots coming back!!!  Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar has been playing on loop on my iPod for the last 3 days..non-stop!  
He's a big mean fatty now, but back in the day, it didn't get cooler than this...I'm telling you.  Well, except for my sweet Billy Corgan, but that's neither here nor there :)  photocredit:
This is one of my favorite albums ever, and it even forced me to dye my hair blue-black, Starry Night by Feria just a day this lipstick, and I have a feeling there's more where this came from!  Awesome...Alas, I digress...again :)

In closing regarding these OCC Lip Tars, if you haven't tried them, please go to Sephora and give them a shot.  They totally rock - they are $16 a pop, 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free, and will literally last you FOREVER.  I can not see myself ever using up a tube of this.


As you all know, I am obsessed with Foundations and Powders, in my never-ending quest for complexion perfection...and I have found another total winner...
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Yes...a POWDER foundation.  I couldn't resist...and unfortunately, I've been hopping on the MAC bandwagon for the last few weeks...which I said I would never do.  Their stuff is hit or miss with me...I either love it or hate it, there's no in between.  This stuff...LOVE.  In the above "Lipstick of the Day" picture, I am wearing this powder foundation alone (no concealer, no foundation) with the L'oreal Miracle Blur under it.  I even applied it with the sponge it came with (which is usually a no-no, but I figured, why not give it a whirl?)

This is your typical 3-compartment powder compact.  It's sturdy for sure though.  The first compartment houses the product, and a mirror, and when you lift up the powder, there is a compartment on the bottom to hold the sponge (or whatever other applicator you choose, if it fits lol) 

MAC describes this product as:

A one-step powder and foundation that provides a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish. Long-wearing, velvety texture allows skin to breathe. Available in a wide range of colours.

When I saw that this was a "full coverage, long wearing" powder foundation...I knew I had to have it.  I have been getting a little sick of my precious stick and liquid foundations, and I've been off the bareminerals wagon for quite some time...
This powder is really pigmented, this is only one swipe of the this.
When I first applied this, I wasn't too thrilled.  It was definitely full coverage, I packed it on...left no mark or imperfection uncovered lol.  It looked a little "powdery" at first, and I was immediately like "Oh no, I've done it again...powdered myself straight into oblivion..." however, I let it go, since I really wanted to review the product and see how it would wear all day.

Well...I was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised.  As the day went on, it only got better.  The product ended up setting very well as the day went on.  I have combo skin (semi oily T-zone) and I actually ended up re-applying to my T-zone 5 hours after initial application.  I went to dinner with my friend, and she told me she couldn't believe that I was wearing a powder foundation (after I told her what it was!) and she even said it looked "flawless" awesome.

I would definitely recommend this stuff.  It's $27 at and should last awhile, depending on how much you use.  I would estimate 2 months at the VERY LEAST.  I've read a lot of reviews, and it seems that with daily use, most people get 3-5 months use out of this, with daily use.

MAC's fouundations and powders all have weird color names, and I had no idea what the hell they meant until i stumbled upon this chart, and there is a full explanation here as to how to choose your shade:  For reference, in this Powder Plus Foundation, I am NC25.

Last up...

I stumbled upon this lovely thing at Ulta yesterday...
The Body Shop's Wild Rose Hand Cream!

OMG.  I think I finally found a hand cream that I can use daily, and LOVE.  Yes, it says thsi stuff is for "mature skin" but it also says it evens out skintone, which is something that I could use, my hands are all scarred up, and it makes me self concious.  Anyways, this stuff is thick, but not greasy AT ALL.  Most of the time I can't stand using hand creams because I feel like when I put them on, even though they do take care of the dry skin, my hands are oily and gross and I can't stand that feeling!  This stuff sinks in within 30 seconds, and NO GREASY FEELING AT ALL.  Takes care of the dry skin, and...the best part...smells like ROSES!  Love it Love it Love it.  This is going on sale at Ulta this weekend starting Sunday, and it's going to be $10 for the week.  It's usually $18.50, so jump on this one!  There are two other scents also, Almond Oil (smells like almonds, duh lol) and Hemp (smells earthy and patchoilish! I love this one too!)  Maybe it's time to stock up! :)

"I wanna sing you all a song about my babe, Sher Stewart....she's and angel and smells like roses...this one goes out to my superlove, 1, 2, 3, hit it, boys!"   photocredit:

....Oh :)

Thanks for reading, and stay foxxxy!!!!  xoxo