Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's talk HAIR! Four Hair Product Reviews, and Lipstick of the Day!

Today's Lipstick of the Day is...

Kat Von D's Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Lolita!

KVD has a few different lines of lipsticks out at Sephora, I have a few of each of the lines, and enjoy them all for different reasons.  These liquid lipsticks are quite the find.  They are SUPER pigmented, and dry to a SUPER matte finish.  The staying power is also good - I get easily 5 hours of wear with these.  I recommend a chapstick for the top of this, because the formula is very very matte, resulting in dryness which can feel annoying.  You do sort of have to keep an eye on it too, because it does have a tendency to flake if applied too heavily and not allowed to dry in between coats...not a good look.  Lolita is a dirty rose that pulls more brown, and is a great color that could most definitely be worn on all skin tones. 
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The name of the product is no joke either - it is literally a LIQUID so you have to be really careful when the tube is open, and when putting the applicator back in the tube, because it can have a tendency to bubble out - which causes quite a mess.

I have KVD's Painted Love Lipstick in Lolita also (same color, Painted Love lippies come in tube form and apply totally differently.) and I have done swatches of both the Liquid and the Tube lipstick for reference:
With Flash - Left: Lolita Liquid Lipstick, Right: Lolita Tube Lipstick
Without Flash - Top: Lolita Liquid Lipstick, Bottom: Lolita Tube Lipstick
Both KVD's Painted Love and Everlasting Love Liquid Lipsticks are $19.00 and available exclusively at Sephora and


I've gotten a few messages requesting some reviews about some of my favorite hair products, so here goes :)

In order, from left to right, as follows:
  • Suave Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner
    • Suave describes this product as: "This dual-action lightweight formula, enriched with KERALOCKยช TECHNOLOGY, both infuses keratin inside the hair fiber for ultimate moisturization and helps protect hair while heat styling.
      Infuses keratin & seals cuticles for:
      • Advanced protection from heat damage
      • Frizz control for up to 48 hours
      • Smooth & manageable hair, easy styling"
      Sher's Humble Opinion: I like this because it smells great, and protects hair from heat styling.  It has a thick consistency and is a light beige color, with gold glitter (maybe helps hair be shiny?) You can use this on dry or damp hair, I prefer to use it on damp hair after the shower, then blow dry.  It leaves it very silky and manageable, and will only run you about 3 bucks!  Frizz control is definitely there, too.  Love it.
  • Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip
    • Pantene describes this product as: Pantene’s Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Whip helps hair feel moisturized for up to 48hours, helps protect against heat damage and regulate hair’s moisture- delivering silky hair that shines.  Sher's Humble Opinion:  This comes out in mousse form, and is supposed to be used on damp hair before blow-drying.  I definitely like this stuff, a little goes a long way, and it smells great.  It does live up to the claim of being "silky" it makes hair soft, touchable and easy to style after blow dried.  The number of fly-aways are greatly reduced after I use this product, and my hair feels "restored"  Hallelujah!!!  This is between $5 and $7, worth a try if you're looking for a new styling product.
  • Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment
    • Garnier describes this product as:  "Unbeatable Softness & Shine*. No Oily Residue
      Our Innovative leave-in treatment with precious Argan Oil from Morocco.
      - Absorbs in an instant
      - Restores smoothness
      - Mends roughness
      - Intensifies shine
      - Deep, sleek conditioning 
        Sher's Humble Opinion:  THE HOLY GRAIL OF OIL LEAVE-INS!  I usually even bring this stuff in my purse for when (yes, when!) my hair gets crazy while I'm out.  It is literally amazing.  It has a beautiful, earthy smell.  You put this stuff on the length of your hair, and honestly it doesn't matter how much you put in, your hair will drink it right up.  It's amazing, and one of my favorite hair products of all time.  Costs about 5 bucks!
  • L'oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil
    • Loreal describes this product as: 
    • 5-in-1 Miracle Oil
    • Deep nourishment, repairs damage.
    • Smooths hair texture and
      tames flyaways.
    • Infuses lasting luminous shine.
    • Weightless, non-greasy,
      absorbs instantly. 
      Sher's Humble Opinion:  I got this on a whim a few weeks ago in Walgreens, and have been playing around with it.  This is a spray oil, and I do apply it liberally and it never makes my hair look greasy or dirty.  My hair drinks this stuff up too, but this stuff doesn't smell as enticing as the Garnier stuff, and since this is a SPRAY, spray carefully - because I've almost taken a few tumbles by getting this stuff on the bathroom floor haha.  It definitely tames flyaways, and makes my hair feel soft and smooth.  This stuff is about 7 dollars.
Thanks so much for reading, stay foxy!



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