Monday, January 21, 2013

The Start of Something Foxy!

Foundations, powders, lipsticks, mascaras, shadows, brushes, lotions, potions, perfumes and all things wonderful in this world that keep us ladies looking our best.  These are the things that I am ALL about!

This is an introduction to what will become a blog about my never-ending search for the best beauty products, and also preaching my love about my favorites.  I love nothing more than makeup-talk, it is my favorite subject!  (Well unless someone wants to talk about the Smashing Pumpkins or Billy Corgan ;)

I've been posting a "Lipstick of the Day" on my facebook for the last few weeks - there are some people who love it, and some people who have seen enough Sher-Camwhore shots for the rest of their lives - which is why I have started a blog.  Lipstick of the Day still remains - and the post will also include more information and a mini review.

As far as actual products go, I can very proudly say that I am no "makeup snob." 

Makeup Snob: One who purchases only high-end beauty products

In a nutshell, high end brands are at places like Sephora and department stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc.  Ulta also has a "high-end" section which they [proudly] refer to as their "Prestige" brands.

I do own a fair amount of high-end products, and I love them.  However, in order to keep up with these brands, the "low-end" brands (anything you can find in a drugstore, walmart, target, walgreens, etc.) have had to up the ante on their products, and I have to say, there really are some absolutely exceptional drugstore finds out there (one of them being my HG 'holy grail' Mascara, the Jordana Extreme Lash Mascara - which retails for all of 3 bucks at Walgreens and Kmart!  GO GET IT, trust me!)

Do I have a lot of makeup?  Yes :)  It's a fantastic hobby, and I can proudly say that I will never, ever have enough.  I am on the constant search for whatever will give the look of - my ultimate goal - complexion perfection!  I rotate plenty of foundations and powders that do have this effect - however, in the back of my mind, I am always thinking "well if this looks good, there's got to be something that looks even BETTER!"  Is this a sign of mental illness?  Maybe.  Some people have called me crazy...certifiable...obsessed.  Call me what you will - I personally see no issue with the hunt to attain personal perfection.

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" ~ a truer statement has never been spoken.  The important thing to know is that no one is going to be universally though of as "beautiful."  The only person that you have to be beautiful for is yourself.  Attain the look that YOU want to achieve, and don't ever do it for anyone but yourself.  That, plus a good attitude is all you need :)

Thanks for reading - have a great day and most importantly, STAY FOXY :)



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