Friday, December 6, 2013

Skin Care Routine and Past Confessions!

Hi :)

So -- I've had LOTS of comments on my skin lately, so I figured that I would write up a post to share my experiences and skin care routine.
Let's go back in time kids, for a magic carpet ride through Sher's life long journey to attain perfect spiritual skin one-ness...let me start by saying I am the former queen of "oh that will fix my face?  YES mooI'LL BUY THAT.  OH THEY'RE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE?  OK I'LL TAKE PLZ."  However - due to recent life changes, there are many products that I no longer have access to - and it has proven to be a blessing in disguise.  I would have slathered hydrochloric acid with poop on my face if it said on the label that it would have given me a snow white complexion.  Ok thats gross, but really, I had serious problems...just see for yourself...
Circa 2011...times were bad...desperate even...WHAT THE HELL!?!
LOOK AWAY!!!  LOOK AWAAAAY!!!!!  There's a time in my life where I would rather die than share a picture like this, but as of now, frankly my dears I don't give a damn.  It's for posterity!!!

I can't begin to tell any of you reading this what a NIGHTMARE this was, and it was much worse than this at times, which is why I began to become so OBSESSED with makeup.  Besides being absolutely embarrassing, these volcanic eruptions were uncomfortable, even painful...not to mention completely GROSS.  For years I tormented my skin...proactiv, clearasil, neutrogena, other mail order crap...blah blah blah.  I actually remember the day that my Proactiv kit was coming - and they were going to make me sign for the package.  I work durimg the day,  so that being said, I could not be there to sign for the package, so I left the Fedex man a note, telling him that people in my daily life were mistaking me for Quasimodo, and telling me to get back in my clocktower before dark - and that I needed this Proactiv...I'm not even kidding, the package was there when I got home from work...LOL.  The guy was probably like "Jesus christ...." I can only imagine what he did with the note LOL probably took it to the Fedex headquarters and they all cracked the hell up haha.  Let me tell you, that Proactiv did nothing for me but ruin some of my damn towels.  Then I probably tried something else.  All that crap did nothing but make my skin like the sahara desert.  Then I would slather on some lotion, which was full of chemical crap, which burned sometimes and broke me out even worse.  One time I even went to a dermatologist who told me that there are plenty of factors - from dairy, hormones, food allergies, heredity, stress, etc...I even tried their stupid prescription stuff, which worked like crap so I never went back.

Moral of that story, is I was literally ruining my skin from the inside out, and from the outside in.  

Sorry for the rant...sensitive subject is my skin nowadays

In this photo, I am happy to say that I am wearing eye and brow makeup, lipstick, and a little korres illuminating powder.  

No more volcanic pimple eruptions or annoying bad tight dry patches, and my routine is literally easier than ever!

1. Organic Coconut Oil
     --Has to be organic and cold pressed.  You're not getting any of it's awesome benefits if you use any other type.  I order mine as a huge 15oz tub from Amazon for 9 dollars, and I haven't even made it through one.  Check out all of its awesome properties and uses here:
2. Dark Angels Skin Scrub (by Lush)
     --Details at,en_US,pd.html) (Note: There are a ton of recipes for sugar scrubs, feel free to google one that suits your needs if you're not interested in Dark Angels)

In the morning, 
I use Dark Angels Skin Scrub (details at,en_US,pd.html) first.  It is a gentle, but hard working facial scrub.  Also very calming on the skin, and non-drying.  Plus, you just need a tiny bit to do the job, so this stuff lasts awhile.  I only use this in the morning - my skin doesn't do so well if I exfoliate more than once a day, but I'm a scrub junkie!

After I rinse the scrub off, I take a generous finger full of Coconut Oil, warm it between my palms and rub it ALL OVER my face, and massage it in for awhile - it feels so nice and smells awesome.  When I'm done, I rinse it off, and towel dry my face.  All clean and ready for the day!

At night:
I take a generous finger full of Coconut Oil, warm it between my palms and rub it ALL OVER my face, to remove the makeup.  It takes off EVERYTHING, and smells great doing it.  Then I towel off, and sometimes use another oil, like Maracuja or Argan as a night treatment.

It's literally as easy as that.

I'm sure I know what some of you are thinking -- "Oil?!  I can't use that, my skin is oily enough!" or something like that...let me tell you - I used to have the biggest oil slick on my face, and there was a VERY LONG period in my life that I used all oil-free products, etc...and it did me no favors.  The reason our skin is freaking out is because it's so dry that it produces TOO MUCH oil to make up for what we're stripping away.  If you feed your skin right, it will treat you right :)

If you don't want to go the Coconut Oil route, I also use, and can vouch for 
Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil
I am really obsessed with this, but usually only use it at night.  When I use this at night, I cleanse with this, and then use the Coconut Oil after.  I love the way it smells and when I use it I really feel like I'm pampering myself.  Josie Maran is amazing, all of her products are natural and cruelty free, LOVE them and love her.

Anyways, there you have it kids.  Yes of course I get the occasional pimple here and there - but  hey, that's life.  When life gives you pimples, cover it up the best you can and hide it from everyone until that bastard goes away!!!!!  
Check it out you guys, Sher "put a ring on it"
I totally hate that I just wrote that...what a NERD!

Stay Foxxxy, darlins xoxo

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Foxy Return of Sher Stewart

In an opening note, Endlessly Foxy has over 5500 views, and I haven't made a post in months, so that in itself was really surprising to me!
IM BACK, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had to switch my entire beauty routine around, from start to finish, due to change in lifestyle.  My look lately has been the "barely there" fresh face, which seems to be a big hit.  I get a lot of questions about what I use on my face, cleansers, etc, so I figured I would finally get off my ass and make a post to share the information.

It's going to be a quick post for now - I will post a few pictures of myself with the new look, and write a list of the products *with description of each*  used in those photos.  The reviews on the products will come later :)

My cleansing routine is SUPER easy now.  I use the "Dark Angels" scrub from Lush (, and Passion Fruit Seed Oil from Garden of Wisdom (www.gardenofwisdom/com) as a moisturizer.  

Lush is a cruelty free company, and they have NUMEROUS vegan options.  The ingredients are simple and natural, and their offerings are hand made :) The Dark Angels scrub is made up of soft black sugar and charcoal.  You simply take a small chunk out of the container, mix with a few drops of water to create a paste, and scrub away :) I love the Dark Angels Scrub because it has brought my skin back to life.  It was very dully, oily and acne prone.  It is SO much more balanced, and I can even be seen without make up now and it doesn't bother me!!  Another great part about Lush is that they give you very generous samples of things if you want to try them, but not buy yet.  You can just walk in and request one! :)  If you're interested in viewing the Dark Angels Cleanser, the information from Lush's website is available here:  If you can make it to a Lush store, just tell them your skin care concerns, they will suggest products for you, and give you samples, advice, etc.  They are amazing there!  Additionally, you buy their products by the weight, so you can buy as much or as little as you want.  GENIUS!

Garden of Wisdom ( is a fantastic site that offers all natural and organic skin care, for AMAZING prices.  I use the Passion Fruit Seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil both as moisturizers.  I buy the 4oz containers, and have had them over 6 months already and they are about a quarter used up.  Passion Fruit Seed Oil is actually "Maracuja" oil.  You've most likely seen companies such as Tarte sell 1.7 ounces of this for about $50.  You can get 4 ounces of this oil at Garden of Wisdom for $17.  There are also other size options, I think the 1 ounce is under $10.  This oil has lots of vitamins to keep your skin healthy and with great elasticity!  Also great on acne prone or irritated skin, because its a natural anti-inflammatory.  Also, great for reduction and prevention of wrinkles... :) If you want to view the Passion Fruit Seed Oil listing here it is! there are countless cruelty free, natural, organic items on the site, check it out!  It's the best thing for you!

Now then, lets start outlining the best part of the "barely there" look - the MAKE UP!! :)

bam - BAM!
On Face:

  • Primer: Passion Fruit Seed Oil
  • Concealer: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
  • Foundation: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation
  • Blush: Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Rosey
  • Powder: Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder
  • Brows: Tarte Brow Mousse 
  • Liner: Essence Gel Eyeliner
  • Shadow: A rosey beige mineral shadow that I got from Etsy (also cruelty free and vegan)
  • Mascara: Jordana Extreme Lash
  • Lips: The picture on the left shows Hourglass Liquid Opaque Rouge Lipstick in Rose.  The one on the right shows OCC Lip Tar in Memento.
The Tarte line is absolutely amazing.  I've returned a ton of my cosmetics to Sephora for a store credit in return for the Tarte things.  Tarte is a CRUELTY FREE company, with numerous vegan options.  The foundation, concealer and finishing powder are literally amazing.  Together they provide a beautiful, natural, look, and the amazonian clay actually soothes the skin.  My skin always feels amazing after I remove my makeup at night.  These cosmetics are amazing, I'm not sure how I ever used anything else.  The chemicals and additives were ravaging my skin.  I will definitely be reviewing these items - if you have any questions about them in the interim, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer them :)

I'm sure you all noticed the cruelty free/vegan items in this list
Making the choice to be vegan has proved to be the greatest decision that I have ever made in my life.  When I realized late last year that the choices that I make regarding my food, clothing, cosmetics, etc, effect the lives of animals to such a great extent that they pay with their lives - it literally crushed me.  It was like I was living a nightmare.  The choices I was making were killing the things in this world that I held so close to my heart and always proclaimed such a love for.  Yes I knew that meat came from animals, yes I knew that some companies did animal testing, and yes I knew that leather was the skin of dead animals...I knew that.  But for some reason, I never made the connection.  But once I did, there was no going back, and never will be.

There is nothing in this world that I love more than the animals, and I truly feel that they should be able to enjoy life as much as we do.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge heart, endless love and compassion.  This is the perfect lifestyle that I've always been meant to live.  Some people have said that my choices are extreme, but the old saying holds have to stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.

"Sher, this Dark Angels Face Scrub is amazing!  You're so foxy, will you marry me?"

Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys, and stay foxxxy :)


Friday, April 12, 2013

Physicians Formula Mood Boosting Lipstick ~ Vanity Necklace ~ Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer ~ and a Pep Talk!

Well hello there :) suppose I'm back from my beauty hiatus...

Today's Lipstick of the Day is:
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Lipstick in "I Love Rose"

This lipstick is just adorable, from the color, to the packaging, to the scent, and even the price!

The packaging is a metallic pink with a clear top so you can see the color of the actual lipstick through it.  Physician's Formula advertises this sexy little number as:
  • Give Lips a Boost of Happy Color.
  • Rich color glides on with luminous shine and all-day comfort for a happy glow
  • Lip boosting formula with collagen boosting peptides smoothes lips so they look plump, healthy and luscious.
  • Three complementary shades blend together for a kiss of glowing color to boost your mood.
  • Feel Happy!
  • Experienced the Mood Booting Effect.
  • Infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin* and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping to protect skin from environmental stress.
  • The sweet scent & flavor of Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.
I was initially concerned with this because of the way the lipstick is formulated.  The colors are separate layers in the lipstick, dark on the outside, then a lighter pink, then a little heart of highlighter in the freakin cute!!!  Thankfully, the colors DO end up blending together upon application, so my concern flew out the window.
The scent is really awesome, I love the smell of violet, and it does have a taste as well which I can't totally explain, but do enjoy!  The color goes on smooth and wears for about 3 hours or so before needing to be re-applied.  The formula is moisturizing, so there is minimal dragging across the lips on application.

As for the mood-boosting effect?  I'm not TOTALLY sure about that, but I suppose I felt generally happy when I put it on...not sure if I was just feeling happy at the time, or because this lipstick is just too damn cute.

You can get your own Mood-Boosting Lipstick from any drugstore, for about $8.  There are ALWAYS coupons, either online or in the stores for these, sometimes they are stuck right on the packaging of the product.  I had a $3 off coupon, so got mine for around $5.

Here are some swatches of this cute little number!
without flash
with flash
lip swatch

Let's talk about beauty tools...and my new favorite one that only pushes me to be more appearance concious...a mirror NECKLACE...
Yes...a mirror necklace.  A Vintage 80s jeweled mirror necklace, to be exact.  This thing is a pretty good size (it's no Flava-Flav clock or anything, I'd say the mirror is like an inch or so) and is the perfect tool for me to check my lipstick quickly throughout the day, without whipping out a compact, which is a whole big to-do sometimes :)  I do love this thing, and it's such a nice touch to my recent vintage looking outfits and dresses.  Every beauty concious girl should have one!

Now, onto my new favorite topic...concealer.  Specifically, under eye concealer...and here's one that I recently tried...
Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer

This concealer has some BIG promises.  Benefit describes this product as:

This hydrating crease-control concealer - with Vitamin E & apple seed extract - hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look. Available in three shades, it's proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours!

Results too good to conceal! (Results observed in a consumer panel survey:

  • 100% said Fakeup hydrates skin
  • 100% said fakeup feels comfortable on skin
  • 100% said the texture feels silky
  • 94% said the effect is long-lasting
  • 94% said fakeup doesn't run
  • 97% said the formula is lightweight
  • 91% said fakeup conceals dark circles
  • 91% saw a natural appearance
  • 97% said the packaging makes it easy to use
Directions Stroke fakeup underneath each eye. Using your ring finger, pat gently outward to blend. You can also use it to touch up throughout the day this double duty hydrating & concealing formula wont cake, crease or settle.

When I first tried this in the store, I loved it.  I bought it right away.  Well, after using it for about 3 weeks, I can give you an honest review.

Let me start by saying that I will be 30 this year.  I am starting to get fine lines around my eyes, and I'm just about to kill myself every time I see them (...hence the hunt for the perfect UNDER-EYE concealer.)

This concealer is cased in a lipstick-style casing, which twists up to show the product.  The concealer itself is wrapped in an emollient rich layer, which does in fact help the concealer to apply very nicely.  It goes on well, and blends well, definitely not leaving the dreaded "reverse racoon" eye effect.

However, my problem with this concealer is that it does not jive with my beloved powders.  I find that one powder is applied with this in any shape or form, it gets sort of cakey and creasy, totally showing my gross eye wrinkles...UGH.  Just took this back to Sephora yesterday...RIP Fake Up Concealer...

I do however think that this would work well on mature skin, for people who DO NOT use powder.  This has a hefty price tag of $24, but if you buy from Sephora or Ulta, you can definitely return it if it doesn't work for you.  It's worth a try for anyone who is looking for a good under eye concealer, who doesn't wear a lot of powder.

On a closing note...

I've been blogging less lately not only because I have been busy, but because I've been having issues getting overly excited about my appearance and makeup lately.   Not the easiest thing to admit to all the readers of my beauty blog, but I think it's just one of those things that tends to happen, to the most of us I believe.
Over the years I've become more and more critical of myself, but the feeling comes and goes.  Makeup is an important part of my daily life, and helps me feel pretty when feelings like this tend to consume me...then you have to remind yourself....
Everyone has a little sexy in there somewhere.  Even if you dont FEEL like it, it's important to find it and rock the hell out of your best, make it happen and make yourself feel beautiful. 

And for everyone who tries to get in your way and convince you that you're not pretty enough, or skinny enough, or WHATEVER...and they're all like

Just remind yourself that they're just sad about themselves, and need to cut down your sexy to feel better about themselves :) then continue on with your bad self.

And if that doesn't work...then do what I do and imagine that Billy Corgan just told you that you're the most beautiful woman in the world, and he's going to write a superlove song, all about you and how pretty you are :) then he's gonna sing it OUT LOUUUUUD! 

omg...can you IMAGINE?!  *id just die.* ! ! !

Have a FoXXXy weekend my loves :) xoxo


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vintage Guerlain ~ NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait ~ Rimmel BB Cream in Light ~ Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino ! !

I'll kick off this post with my lovely Guerlain Vintage collection, which as of today I've added a loose body powder!  So cool...

If I had to pick a favorite, I think it's the lipstick.  I'm torn between that and the compact.  The larger boxed powder is a loose powder, which has kind a COMPLETELY retro scent to it.  It's a body powder, and I'll try anything once :) Just happy to have it as part of my beautiful collection!  The only crappy part about the body powder, is that the casing is cardboard, whereas the other two are beautifully packaged in gold/enameled lovely packaging!  Why skimp on the powder box, Guerlain?

Now, for the lip GLOSS of the day...

Today I thought I'd switch it up a little bit and feature a gloss today instead of a Lipstick :)

NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait!

I can't lie...I really am NOT a fan of lip gloss.  Normally it's sticky, tacky, and gets stuck in my hair.  This gloss, is actually quite pleasant.  I got this color inparticular because it looks in the tube to be a lovely Fuschia color, which is the name of my game at the moment!

The gloss goes on VERY smoothly, and is probably the smoothest gloss I've ever felt.  it's not sticky at all, the best I can describe it is....well...buttery :)  It also smells delicious, like sugary cupcakes or frosting...LOVELY!  I'm gonna keep it short and sweet, because its hard for me to get too amped up about a gloss.  However, I do think that most people will love this, the color pay off looks intense but is sheer, the gloss is long-lasting, no sticky and the packaging is really small, easy to take with you.  It costs about $5 and is available at Ulta and Harmon Discount :)

Here are a few more swatches:


Rimmel London 9-in-1 BB Cream!

Yes, another drugstore BB cream that I had to try.  Rimmel had high claims for this:

BB Cream with SPF 25 is skin perfecting super makeup, developed specifically for women who prefer not wear foundation. Better than a moisturizer, better than a foundation. Creates the perfect 9-part regimen in one easy step: Primes, Moisturizes, Minimizes Pores, Conceals, Covers, Smoothes, Mattifies, Brightens and helps Protect. You have to live it to believe it! Its foundation reinvented! Dermatologist tested.

I've been using this for a few days, and I have to say I really like this.  You have to start with clean skin, of course.  Once this is applied, it blends very well, and mostly holds up to all the claims you see above.  I do have to touch up with this during the day because it doesn't do anything for mattifying, but that's a small price to pay.  It has a very natural look to it, and I didn't have to use concealer with it either.  It is buildable, so you can choose the level of coverage you'd like.  I've been doing 2 coats of this, because I do have a fair amount of acne scarring to cover, and it does so quite well.  Here are some swatches:
swatch, without flash
blended, with flash
This also has a really nice dewy finish which I love!  This stuff is cheap too, only 7 bucks.  I got mine at CVS, but Rimmel is sold at most drugstores, and Wal mart!


Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino!

OMG.  This blush SERIOUSLY RULES.  I have so many pink and peachy blushes...I've been hitting a blush plateau!  How can I make a sexy, sultry edgy look with a pink or peachy blush?  Ugh its barely doable...needed a showstopper blush.  That's where RED VINO comes in!
Red Vino is a LOVELY port red wine colored blush, with gold glitter baked into it, in lovely swirls!  There's nothing about this blush that I don't like.  You do however, have to be careful not to over-apply on fair I learned the hard way!  I seriously would powder puff myself into oblivion...jeez....

Here's a couple swatches :)

These blushes are $8.49 each, and the only place I've seen Milani is Walgreens and CVS.  Totally worth it!  LOVE THIS SEXY BLUSH!

I'll go ahead and end this post with a beautiful, vintage...
Billy Corgan, of course :) xoxoxox 

Thanks for reading and stay foxxxy!!!!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vintage Guerlain Meteorites Lipstick ~ Clarisonic Mia 2 ~ Clarisonic Vs. Olay Pro X Review ~ Vintage Compact Mirror

Happy Saturday Everyone :-)

Today's Lipstick of the Day is:
Guerlain Les Meteorites Rouge A Levres Rechargeable Refillable Lipstick in No. 27, Pivoine!

First of all, for all my regular readers, have you ever seen me so happy wearing a lipstick before?  The answer, is NO :)  The reason for that, is that this particular Guerlain collection was released in the 1980s, and discontinued (WTF) never to be seen again, except for the likes of good old Ebay, which is where I scored this lovely piece of beauty history!
When I scored this lovely still-in-the-box beautiful exceptional piece of lipstick history, I knew I hit the motherload!  I have sooo many lipsticks, and this, my friends, is the cream of the crop.  This package was never opened or used (except solely for the purposes for taking pictures for the Ebay auction) and it is in brand new condition.  The chances of finding something like this are slim to none!
I'm sure that when this was released, it was the status-quo must-have cosmetic item, and women most likely swooned.  No idea how much it cost at the time, but I'm sure it was a pretty penny.  From what I can dig up on the web, this particular collectoin (which I'm super obsessed with) came about in the 1980s, is plated in 18k gold, and has hand laid enamel, resembline Marie Antoinette's jewelry box...!  Seriously? Yes, SERIOUSLY.
When I first opened this, I was completely in awe.  it's in a velvet-lined box that resembles a jewelry box.  It also came with the velvet slipcase, and the original Guerlain Les Meteorites paperwork, outlining the entire collection.  This is absolutely my favorite, and one of my most prized pieces in my entire collection.  You would think that this would be a collector's item, and it most likely is...however you know that there's just no way that I could possibly keep this and not use it.  Honestly, I don't think I own a color that is more flattering on me.  Pivoine is a lovely neutral rose color with very fine micro rose shimmer.  The staying power is great, about 4 hours, and leaves a wonderful rosey stain on lips as it wears.  Here are some swatches, then I'll stop blabbing and move on, promise :)
For cryin out loud, I've never seen something so beautiful!!!  

I WILL own the rest of this collection...just a matter of time!!!

Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing Brush

I was really torn about purchasing this brush, however, after purchasing and using the Olay Pro-X face brush, and reading other reviews of people who have both, I couldn't resist!

I will do my own comparison of these two brushes, so that anyone interested in purchasing a facebrush can hopefully make an educated decision :) I did do a review of the Olay Pro-X brush a week or so ago, but I'll do another quick run-down in this post so that you can see both.

Let's start with how Clarisonic describes the Mia 2:

"It's time to think beyond the washcloth and elevate cleansing to a sonic level. Clarisonic's patented sonic technology gently removes the impurities traditional cleaning methods leave behind, cleansing six times better than your hands alone. In just 60 seconds, its sonic action removes impurities from pores so that creams, serums, and moisturizers are more effective. And with regular daily use you'll notice a reduction in dry patches, oily areas, and blemishes.
  • - 2 speeds for added cleansing customization
  • - Pulsing T-Timer for 60-second cleanse
  • - Improved user interface indicating speed and charge functions
  • - 2 year warranty
This set contains:
  • - Clarisonic Mia2 2 Speed Brush
  • - International pLink Charger for worldwide use
  • - Sensitive Brush Head
  • - 1 oz Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  • - Protective travel case
What else you need to know:
Clarisonic should be used as part of a daily skincare routine to provide skin that feels and looks smoother. It is ideal for all skin types. Used and recommended by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons."

I've been using the Clarisonic Mia 2 for a little over a week, and I personally LOVE this brush, and I don't see myself ever going without this.  The 2 speed brush is set to a 60 second timer, and pulses each time you need to begin cleansing on a different area of your face.  This thing is no joke, and especially if you wear makeup everyday, it will do wonders for you.  I can't believe the difference it's made.  

You have to use the Clarisonic with a GEL cleanser, it clearly says in the instructions to NOT use an exfoliating cleanser with this, and I don't see the need for it anyway, or intend to try.  The Clarisonic uses Sonic technology to deep clean, as opposed to the Olay Pro-X which is a rotating brush.  I prefer the Sonic technology, as I feel for me it is more effective, and gentler.  The brush also came with the sensitive brush-head, which I also feel is doing wonders for my skin.  I do have very sensitive skin :) 
My makeup goes on and stays on better than ever after using the Clarisonic, and I noticed a huge difference after just one day of use.  My acne dark spots were fading, any blemishes that I did have (they were small) were diminishing.  

The Clarisonic is rechargeable, and holds a charge for 24 uses before needing charging again.  The charger is really cool and magnetizes to the bottom of the front of the brush.  The Clarisonic Mia 2 is not cheap.  $149 to be exact, however, I had a 20% off coupon, and a $30 credit at Ulta, so I got mine for about $90. You can find these on Ebay too, you'd just need to purchase your own brush-head obviously :)

As for the Olay Pro-X...
The Olay Pro-X is also a good alternative face brush for those who don't feel like taking the plunge on the Clarisonic.  I used this for a solid 2 weeks, and it definitely made a HUGE difference in my skin, however, near the end of the 2nd week I started to get a few patches of irritated skin around my chin and jaw line.  I think this was "user error" and I was holding the brush too hard against my skin.  

The Pro-X is a ROTATING brush, as opposed to a pulsating sonic cleanse, like the Clarisonic.  So, you have to take extra care with when using the Pro-X, and be sure to not use it for too long, because it does not run on a timer.  It feels really good using it, and is very easy to over-cleanse with this since there's nothing telling you to stop.  The Pro-X runs on 2 AA batteries, which come in the box upon purchase, as well as a sample of Olay's exfoliating cleanser.  Yes, they offer an exfoliating cleanser with this brush, which I would not recommend using with it.   I'd recommend your favorite GEL cleanser.  Some of my favorites are Cetaphil Daily Cleanser and Philosophy Purity Cleanser.  If you have super sensitive skin, Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is also really great.

The Pro-X is much easier on the wallet, varying from about $22-$30.  It is very cheap on, so I'd recommend if you want to take a stab at the world of facial cleansing brushes, to give this one a 'go.

There are also manual facial brushes that you can get from Sephora and Ulta.  These are only as effective as the user themselves, and you'd have to be very sure to hold the brush flush to your skin, not push too hard while cleansing, and be sure not to over cleanse because then you're asking for trouble.  
These are even cheaper at $6 a pop.

All in all I 100% recommend facial brushes.  They make the hugest difference, and absolutely have changed my life.  I get more compliments on my skin now than I ever have, and I can actually walk outside without makeup now and not feel completely hideous.  The tone, color, and clarity of my skin has changed dramatically over the last couple of weeks...I will never cleanse my face with just my hands again and I urge you to do the same! :)


I've always been in love with all things vintage, but in the past few weeks I've definitely leapt hard into the realm of vintage cosmetics, particularly, hand and compact mirrors! 
I got this adorable, heavy antique compact mirror on Ebay for a steal, at about $12.  As you can see it's small, but it packs a punch!  It's really heavy, and doesn't fully clasp.  The design uses the compacts weight to keep it closed, until it's time for use.  It doesn't open all the way either, it opens to exactly the angle you need to look at yourself just perfectly.  The definition of super vanity LOL.

Ebay is a great place to find great vintage cosmetic finds for super cheap.  These compact mirrors are a great way to amp up your style, confidence and make you feel super duper pretty.

I'll leave you with this final thought...
Have a great weekend, stay foxxxy :-)